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NS-FDB24T Outdoor Waterproof FTTH Fiber Optic Distribution Box

Product name:optical fiber distribution bo
Size( mm ):245*296*94.5 mm
Suitable PLC splitter: 1:8,1:16
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  • NS-FDB24T


Fiber optic termination box

NS-FDB24T Outdoor FDB FTTH Fiber Distribution Box is not only it supports 144 core, but also an adapter panel to allow customers to assemble 24  SCAPC adapters. Moreover, it has 3 locks to secure the box: one Standard Key-Lock on the cover and 2 hasp lock on both sides, which gives the ability to protect fibers from various environments.

Applicable for the FTTx project and provide mechanical protection for fiber management system that includes the

functions of splicing, patching and passive component integration. Rated to IP55, suitable for indoor and outdoor application.

1). High quality PC, ABS, PC Alloys material optional, can ensure harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, tensile cable distortion and strong temperature changes.
2). Solid structure, perfect outline, thunder, erosion and adding resistance.
3). Strong and reasonable structure with mechanical sealing structure, can be opened after sealing and cab be reused.
4). Well water and dust proof, unique grounding device to ensure the sealing performance, convenient for installation.
5). The splice closure has a wide application range, with good sealing performance, easy installation, produced with high strength engineering plastic housing, with anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high temperature and high mechanical strength and so on.

Part No.



245x296x94.5 mm

Entry ports and cable dia.(max.)


Output ports and cable dia. (max.)


Splice trays and splice capacity

6x12/24splices/ tray

Suitable PLC splitter Micro PLC splitter


Patching capacity

24 SC adapters

Cover open fixed position

90& 180 degree

Lock type

Key lock with dust proof cover

Protection grade of the housing


Installation way

Wall-mounted or Pole-mounted

Waterproof FTTH Fiber Optic Terminal Box 

*Total enclosed structure.

*Clamping for feeder cable and drop cable, fiber splicing, fixation, storage, distribution...etc all in one.

*Cable,pigtails,patch cords are running through own path without disturbing each other, cassette type SC/LC/PLC adaptor installation, easy maintenance.

*Distribution panel can be flipped up, feeder cable can be placed by expression port, easy for maintenance and installation.

*Cabinet can be installed by the way of wall-mounted or poled-mounted, suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses


* Widely used in FTTH access network.

* Telecommunication Networks 

*CATV Networks 

* Data communications Networks

Technical indicators

*Environmental requirement

Working temperature:-40℃~+85℃

Relative humidity:≤85%(+30℃)

Atmospheric pressure:70KPa~106Kpa

*Main technical datasheet

Insertion loss:≤0.2dB

UPC return loss:≥50dB

APC return loss:≥60dB

Life of insertion and extraction:>1000 times

*Thunder-proof technical datasheet

The grounding device is isolated with the cabinet, isolation resistance is less than 2MΩ/500V(DC);IR≥2MΩ/500V

The withstand voltage between grounding device and cabinet is no less than 3000V(DC)/min, no puncture,no flashover;U≥3000V

certificate of conformity

Certificate of Conformity

Quality management system certificationQuality Management System

certification for sale transport

Certification for Sale Transport

ISO 9001

ISO 9001



Patent certificate

                     Patent Certificate

Fiber termination box contains the shell, the internals (supporting frame, set fiber disc, fixing device) and optical fiber joint protective element. Prominent advantages of fiber termination box lie in efficient cable-fixing, welding and its protective role in machinery of the optical fiber.

A insulation is always demanded between cable metal components and cable terminal box shell in a fiber termination box, which provides space for cable terminal and remained fiber storage. In addition, fiber termination box also facilitate the installation of different occasions since it is easy to access, which turns out to be time and cost saving.


Fiber termination box is universally used in telephone, agricultural telephone network system, data and image transmission system, CATV cable television series, indoor cable through force access and branch connection. Fiber termination box is available for the distribution and termination connection for various kinds of fiber optic systems, especially suitable for mini-network terminal distribution, in which the optical cables, patch cores or pigtails are connected. In addition to that, fiber termination box can be applied to joint fiber pigtail, protect fiber optic splices and share out the connectivity to individual customers.

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