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The extensive use of optical cables has promoted the development of types of connector boxes, and is one of the very important equipment in the construction of optical cable lines. The quality of optical cable connector boxes directly affects the quality of optical cable lines and the service life of optical cable lines. 
The fiber optic splice closure is used for the through and branch connection of various structures such as overhead, pipeline, direct burying, etc. It belongs to a mechanical pressure sealed joint system and is a connection protection device that provides optical, sealing and mechanical strength continuity between adjacent optical cables.
Fiber Optic Splice Closure
Fiber optic splice closure is used for protective connection and optical fiber distribution between two or more optical cables. It is one of the common equipment of user access points. It mainly completes the outdoor connection of distribution optical cables and home optical cables. According to FTTX access requirements, a box or simple optical splitter can be installed.
PLC Splitter
When the optical cable is connected to the fiber optic splice closure, the optical fiber cleaver and fusion splicer are indispensable optical fiber tools. It plays a great auxiliary role in the application of optical cable line construction, line maintenance, and emergency repair. The optical fiber cleaver is used to cut the quartz glass optical fiber as thin as the hair. The end of the cut fiber is flat after being magnified by hundreds of times.
Optical Fiber Cleaver
The optical fiber fusion splicer uses the high-voltage arc to melt the two optical fiber sections and uses a high-precision motion mechanism to gently advance the two optical fibers into one to realize the coupling of the optical fiber mode field.
The Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer
Material: SUS AL SPCC SECC Color: RAL7035 or customer request Protection level: IP55 Rack: 19" or 21" standard installation

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