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Outdoor tactical wall-mounted waterproof connector is also named YG hermaphroditic fiber optic connector. It was first developed by Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,and used for military field instant telecommunication wiring.

Normally the connector is used in combination with field tactical optical cable spooling-wheel, so it’s also been named as wall mounted optical fiber connector. The main feature of the connector is that two connectors can be connected directly without adapter. The structure of the two optical fiber connectors butt joint with each other is the same, adopting pin alignment pin and rotation interlock.  The connection is very stable and can stand large impulse and tension. The waterproof and sealing performance is also excellent, and the general waterproof and dust-proof grade is about IP65.

With fiber optic telecommunication widely spread, such military connectors are generally used in civil fields, like temporary equipment docking, stage wiring, live broadcasts, emergency repairs of telecommunications and so on.
Waterproof Connector
Waterproof Connector
Field tactical cable reels (also named as portable wire spool, or mobile fiber optic cable reel), which are widely used in mobile television vans, and can be spooled with fiber cable, network cable, power cable. etc.. These reels mostly work together with waterproof cables and connectors outdoor, which is one of the most important accessories of passive wire in waterproof optical fiber wiring.

Newsun tech designs and produces various types and functions of waterproof field optical cable trays to meet the different needs of customers. Newsun Tech mainly supplies 5 types to meet the ever-growing demand: ST Series (portable), BF Series(backpack), BX Series(Push-pull), TC series(4 reels), and LZP Series (Shelf). The size of reels can be customized according to different cable diameter and length. 
Field Tactical Cable Reels
Material: SUS AL SPCC SECC Color: RAL7035 or customer request Protection level: IP55 Rack: 19" or 21" standard installation

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