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NS-106FAT Two-in-one in Line Splice Closure with Fiber Splitter

Cable Ports:2 Entries 2 out with 16 port (8 hole on each side)
Core No.:48 fibers with (1*8 PLC or 1*16 PLC)
Max. Capacity of Fiber:12/24/36/48Fibers
Installation Type:Aerial
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  • NS-106FAT


In Line Fiber Optic Splice Closure with Fiber Splitter(Two-in-one)

NS-106FAT Fusion Splices Fiber In Line Splice Closure has the function of two in one, which can realize the function of splicing and splitting at the same time, which is convenient for field operation and saves space and operation steps

Horizontal (inline) fiber optic splice closures are made of excellent engineering plastics. Newsun tech supply different ports types, fittings and different fiber optic core numbers for horizontal fiber optic splice closures. Newsun tech Splice Closure is suitable for protecting optical fiber splices in straight through and branching applications, and can be used in aerial, duct and direct buried fiber optic cable projects.

Cable Ports4 Port(2 on each side) with 16 port (8 hole on each side)
Splitter Available for 1pc 1:16 or 2 pcs 1:8 PLC 
Installation TypeAerial
Cover securingHinged+SNAPLOCK
Max. Capacity of Fiber12/24/36/48 Fibers
IP RatingIP68
Lateral Pressure Resistance≥2000N/10cm
Cable diameter6-11mm
Fibers Splice Tray2
Operating Temperature-40℃~60℃
Shock Resistance≥20N.m

In Line Splice Closure For Fiber and Splice Protection

*As its large space body and weatherproof, the splice closure allows applications in non-controlled outdoor. And it can be used to install ABS Mux Demux for constantly-changing 5G network needs.

*Complete fiber and splice protection for signal integrity

*Suitable for aerial, duct and direct buried application

*Suitable for ordinary fiber and ribbon fiber

*Superior Durability and Reliability

closure fiber optical

Fiber optic splice enclosures are used to protect stripped fiber optic cable and fiber optic splices from the environment, and they are available for indoor as well as outdoor mounting.

Outdoor fiber optic enclosures are usually weatherproof with watertight seals.

In a typical wall-mounted splice enclosure, fiber optic cable is supported by cable ties, and the cable strenght member is securely fastened to the enclosure’s support. Metallic strenght members must be grounded securely.

The cable jacket(sheath) stops at the splice enclosure’s cable ties. Optical fiber tubes, individual tight buffered fibers, or pigtails are supported by the tube brackets and continue to the splicing trays.

Individual optical fibers should never be exposed outside of a splice tray. Fusion splices or mechanical fiber optic cable splices are contained in the splice trays.


Large number of cable entry knockouts for incoming and outgoing cables;

Key-lockable main door to prevent accidental opening of splice compartment;

Able to hold up to six MTP loaded cassettes;

Standard accessory kit for cable entry and fibre management included;


Ideal for fusion splicing

High fibre density applications

Repairing damaged cables

Suitable for direct termination

Remote cable terminations within building

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