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Data center is particular global collaboration network unit for the Internet infrastructure transmission, acceleration, display, computing, data storage. Currently the data center room cabling system consists of two parts, SAN network cabling systems and high density network cabling system.
NEWSUN high-density data center cabling products have the following features: Plug and play, high-density, scalable, pre-terminated fiber optic system solutions, modular systems management and pre-terminated components that can reduce installation time, data center easy for deploy, migration and upgrade.


 Respond quickly to any network migration and upgrade. centralized or star cabling structure, the patch panel is flexible for routing;

  Space-saving wiring and installation time:
the use of high-density fiber optic cabling systems, compared with traditional cabling systems, can reduce large congested cables in routing and save more than half of the space. High-density MPO backbone optical cables simplifies network deployment and saves 80% of the installation time of traditional optical fibers.;

  Support future network applications: It provides a wide space for processing high-speed applications, and can flexibly transmit serial and parallel signals. Parallel fiber technology such as high-speed interconnection, and the currently used 40G / 100G Ethernet are based on the MPO backbone optical cable system.

data center solution
data center solution

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