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With the rapid development of the communication industry, operators have introduced various measures to develop the network vigorously , and put forward the construction ideas for wireless networks about "supplement, improvement, optimization, and improvement" . While strengthening the breadth, depth and quality of coverage of GSM / CDMA networks, operators will focus on building 5G networks.
The direction of construction ideas: the using of main equipment that can greatly simplify the requirements of supporting equipment for network construction can greatly reduce the overall network construction cost, reduce the construction difficulty, and shorten the construction cycle. In this way, a fine network construction method of "wherever you need to build a station, and where you need to build a station, and when you need to build a station" can be adapted to local conditions to create network coverage for cities, villages, transportation lines, and scenic spots.
Newsun tech timely launched "Mobile Communications Hussar One Base Station Outdoor Cabinet". It inherits the storage characteristics of traditional computer rooms, and has the fine temperature control characteristics of outdoor cabinets. It has fewer installation scenarios and can meet the needs of differentiation in different places. End users, operators, and manufacturers can all benefit from it.
Product advantages
   Technical guarantee of Outdoor cabinet product solution
   Achieve compatibility of supporting products in the cabinet
   Achieve the stability of supporting products in the cabinet
   Strong survivability in the wild
   Environmental protection
   We can achieve integration of supporting products and our products have small size.
   We can build stations quickly and shorten the construction cycle.
   Our products break the concept of civil engineering room, lower the installation cost and greatly reduce the cost of network construction.
   We adopt a sub-chamber design: equipment compartment, battery compartment, which can meet the needs of customers' flexible expansion and long-term evolution.
   Our products have less one-time investment, high equipment reliability, flexible configuration, and convenient for customers to manage and maintain the equipment.
   Our products adopt refined temperature control by TEC, air conditioning and heat exchange, which can save energy and lower operating costs.
   In order to reduce transportation and handling costs, the cabinet can be assembled on site for easy construction.
Outdoor Cabinet
Product  features 
   Easy expansion: with innovative assembly structure design, NewSun outdoor cabinet can be expanded backwards and laterally. As long as the rubber plug of the reserved installation hole is removed, expansion bin added and top cover replaced, the capacity can be expanded easily.
   Excellent thermal insulation performance: NewSun outdoor cabinet adopts sandwich like structure, with two layers of steel plate padded with thermal insulation cotton. The thermal insulation performance is more than three times of that of the outdoor cabinet with ordinary welding structure, so as to minimize the system energy consumption and reduce the operation and maintenance cost.
   Excellent protection performance: NewSun outdoor cabinet has good rigidity and strength whose protection could reach IP55, thus no glue is needed during the whole cabinet installation.
   Multiple temperature control solutions: NewSun outdoor cabinet provides multiple temperature control methods such as air conditioning, heat exchanger, ventilation system and their combination methods. The installation is compatible, which can be selected in the early stage or replaced after the installation of the equipment to meet the climatic conditions of different regions.
   Package solutions: NewSun outdoor cabinet provides a series of sub-systems such as batteries, power supply, lightning protection, power distribution, temperature control, etc., which can be used as long as the main equipment is plugged in and connected to the power supply, saving precious time for business opening.
Outdoor Cabinet

   Good anti-theft performance: NewSun outdoor cabinet adopts professional anti-theft door lock and built-in door hairpin chain design to provide excellent anti-theft performance.
   Good protection performance: NewSun outdoor cabinet provides the comprehensive grounding protection, various lightning protection solutions such as level B, level B + C or level C which can lead to excellent protection performance for the equipment in the cabinet.
   Good weather resistance: All external components are made of special outdoor materials and surface treatment, which can meet the harsh outdoor environment.
In addition, the optical fiber distribution box installed outdoor can withstand the drastic climate and harsh working environment. It also has the characteristics of water-proof gas condensation, water-proof and dust-proof, insect and rat damage prevention, and strong resistance to impact damage.
SMC composite distribution box and SMC distribution cabinet have high-performance insulation resistance and breakdown voltage, which can prevent leakage accident. At high frequency, it is able to maintain good dielectric performance and do not reflect and block the propagation of microwave, which is suitable for use in densely populated or narrow places to avoid the occurrence of box contact. It also has good corrosion resistance, good anti-aging and impact resistance.
NewSun tech can manufacture outdoor cabinets of various sizes and models, with the flame retardant performance of the materials reaching FVO level and the smoke density level being 15. It does not contain halogen and is harmless to human body. The box body adopts plate structure combination, modular installation, suitable for handling, simple installation, and can be assembled or disassembled on site. The cost of SMC composite distribution box and distribution cabinet is higher than that of metal box, but its characteristics of maintenance free and long service life of the box body are incomparable, so its comprehensive cost is far lower than that of ordinary metal box body.
SMC Distribution Cabinet
Material: SUS AL SPCC SECC Color: RAL7035 or customer request Protection level: IP55 Rack: 19" or 21" standard installation

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