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Module2000 Intelligent Micro-module Data Center

Product Introduction
Module2000 intelligent micro module is a new generation of data center infrastructure solution. Module2000 adopts highly integrated design, integrates all subsystems such as cabinet, power supply, refrigeration, wiring and management, and supports flexible deployment of single-row or double-row closed cold/hot channels.The maximum IT power consumption of single cabinet can reach 21kW/cabinet.

• Single module can be used in small and medium-sized data centers with a total power consumption of less than 128kW and an area of less than 500 square meters, and also in data centers of large enterprise branches
• Multiple modules can also be used to build medium and large data centers. It can meet the needs of government and education.Deployment requirements of large data centers in education, medical care, finance, telecommunications and other industries.

• There is no condensation under light load, and the machine room can still be dehumidified at constant temperature under 10% load to ensure the safe operation of the equipment
• Strong environmental adaptability, stable operation under wide voltage, wide temperature and wide load conditions
• Battery temperature detection and early warning, intelligent shutdown and fire prevention, and load outage rate reduced by 50%

• Near end cooling, efficient power supply, modular PUE as low as 1.45 (measured in Shenzhen)
• Seal channel design, isolate hot and cold airflow, and eliminate local hot spots
• Efficient integrated UPS power supply and distribution, leading the industry in energy efficiency

• Standardized components, modular architecture, matching business and rapid on-demand deployment
• Integrated power supply and distribution, saving space, and deploying 1-2 more equipment cabinets
• Remote and local intelligent management, mobile operation and maintenance, simple and easy