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Fiber Optic Connectivity
Data Center Fiber Optic Patch Cord Problem

1. The length of the fiber patch cord is insufficient:

Because the length of the added fiber patchcord is insufficient, the fiber patch cord is completed with the patch cord connection, which leads to the loss of the optical power generated and buried the hidden trouble of the fault.

2. The optical fiber patch cord is too long:

Because the patch cord of the additional fiber is too long, redundant fibers (at least a few meters, as many as several tens of meters) are randomly stacked in the cable trough, occupying a large amount of cable space (the optical fiber occupies about). More than half of the space.

3. Debris accumulation in wiring trough:

Multiple debris, such as scattered cable ties, and even steel components, scattered inside the optical fiber cable trough makes the originally narrower cable space more nervous and cluttered.

4. Insufficient space for wiring trough:

Due to the excessive redundancy of fiber optic cables, the maximum volume caused is insufficient space for cabling or even accumulation, and there is no space for additional fiber patch cord. If it is not rectified in time, it will be difficult to return, and it will no longer cost more It may not be able to solve the problem at twice the cost, and it can only be replaced with a new one.

5. Label issues:

The label or missing of some device-side patch cord and line-side patch cord causes unclear routing and inconvenient management. Long-term routing data will cause serious problems.

Fiber Endface Melter Solution

Fiber termination quality is based on fiber cutting. No matter patch cord polishing in factory or fusion splice on site, both need to inspect the fiber endface. Mechanical tech is not reliable just because cannot inspect fiber endface, guarantee the performance temporarily with matching glue, with the time goes and environment changes, the performance changes. Fiber endface melter tech perfect the fiber endface cutting and inspect, guarantee the performance.

Fiber Endface Melter Solution
Fast Connectors Solution

From the subscriber's place to outdoor ODF, then to CO, melted connectors supplay all connection solution on whole link.

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