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NS-EM06 1In 1Out 6 Core Fiber Optic Cable Splice Closure Box

Product name: Fiber Optic Cable Splice Closure Box
Port:1in 1out
Max.core:6 core
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  • NS-EM06


1In 1Out Fiber Optic Cable Splice Closure Box

The joint box is widely used in communication, network system, CATV cable TV, optical cable network system, can be straight through, branch, the box body is made of high-strength engineering plastics, advanced structure, light weight and sealing performance, suitable for overhead, pipeline, pole and indoor installation.

Product features:

Good sealing, easy to open repeatedly, reliable grounding protection, high strength, can be directly buried or overhead installation, the whole protection cable.

a. The product is made of high-quality and impact resistant plastics, and has a standard use interface;
b. High impact strength Can be directly buried or overhead installation and use, grounding protection is reliable, the whole process of protecting the cable.
c. Easy to operate, reliable sealing performance, easy to open repeatedly.
d. Can be mounted on the wall or pole;

e.High quality metal accessories stainless steel screw fixed, thickened design, screws and nuts are not easy to crack after aging.

Dimension  L*W*H


Ingress Protection


Temperature Range




Tensile strength


Dielectric breakdown strength


Atmospheric pressure

70~106 KPa

Max. core


Waterproof fiber splice enclosure

Fiber to the home (FTTH) infrastructures make network organizers adopt powerful management and planning systems, FTTH termination box is a small part of this system and provides a cost-effective solution for FTTH applications. FTTH Termination Box available for the distribution and terminal connection for various kinds of optical fiber system, Some are used for indoor cabling and others are designed to install on outdoor pole or wall mount use.They are of light and compact design, Mainly used in fiber optic drop cable, pigtails or splitters cablings in residential buildings area. Most of them are applied to wall mounted type. The capacity is optional, such as small single fiber distribution box.

Range of application

fiber closurefiber optic splice box

Fiber optic splice enclosures are used to protect stripped fiber optic cable and fiber optic splices from the environment, and they are available for indoor as well as outdoor mounting.

Outdoor fiber optic enclosures are usually weatherproof with watertight seals.

In a typical wall-mounted splice enclosure, fiber optic cable is supported by cable ties, and the cable strenght member is securely fastened to the enclosure’s support. Metallic strenght members must be grounded securely.

The cable jacket(sheath) stops at the splice enclosure’s cable ties. Optical fiber tubes, individual tight buffered fibers, or pigtails are supported by the tube brackets and continue to the splicing trays.

Individual optical fibers should never be exposed outside of a splice tray. Fusion splices or mechanical fiber optic cable splices are contained in the splice trays.


Large number of cable entry knockouts for incoming and outgoing cables;

Key-lockable main door to prevent accidental opening of splice compartment;

Able to hold up to six MTP loaded cassettes;

Standard accessory kit for cable entry and fibre management included;


Ideal for fusion splicing

High fibre density applications

Repairing damaged cables

Suitable for direct termination

Remote cable terminations within building

certificate of conformity

Certificate of Conformity

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ISO 9001

ISO 9001



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