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How to Install the Optical Fiber Termination Box?

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In the network wiring, opticalfiber patch cord, fiber coupler and optical fiber termination box are commonly used equipment. The following content describes the function of these equipment and its installation method. 



The Function of Optical Fiber Patch Cord

The optical fiber patch cord is a kind of transmission medium used between equipment. The optical fiber patch cord has adapters (connectors) at both ends. The optical fiber patch cord can connect two devices together through optical fiber. The optical fiber patch cord is widely used in communication room, local area network, optical fiber sensor, optical fiber communication system, optical fiber connection transmission equipment, etc. It is suitable for cable television network, telecommunication network, computeroptical fiber network and optical testing equipment.


One end of the fiber pigtail is equipped with an adapter, and the other end is the core of an optical fiber. Fiber pigtail is a kind of connector used to connect two ends of optical fiber. One end of the fiber pigtail can be fused with the optical fiber, and the other end can be connected with the optical transceiver or the optical fiber module through a special connector to form the optical data transmission path.



The Functions of Fiber Coupler

The fiber coupler is a component used to realize optical signal shunting, combining, or extending optical fiber link. The Fiber couplers are used in telecommunication network, cable TV network, user loop system and regional network.



The Functions of Optical Fiber Termination Box

The optical fiber termination box is the terminal joint of an optical cable. One end of it is an optical fiber and the other end is a tail fiber. It is a device that can split an optical cable into a single optical fiber.



How to Install The Optical Fiber Termination Box?

1. The installation position, installation mode and installation height of information module, optical fiber termination box and distribution module shall meet the design requirements.


2. When the optical fiber is installed on the ground, it shall be fixed in the junction box. The cover of the junction box can be opened, and it shall be waterproof, dustproof and compression resistant. The cover surface of the junction box shall be flush with the ground.


3. When information modules and power sockets are installed in the bottom box ofoptical fiber termination box at the same time, their spacing and protective measures shall meet the design requirements.


4. The fixing method of the base of the optical fiber termination box and information module shall be determined by the specific conditions of the construction site, and can be installed with expansion screws, shooting nails and other tools.


5. The screws used for installation must be tightened and cannot be loosened. The base, information module and panel shall be installed stably, and the panels shall be kept on the same horizontal plane to ensure neat appearance.


6. The optical fiber termination box installed on the wall shall be about 300 mm higher than the ground.