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OEM Service Flow 
   1. Confirm customer requirements
   2. Design product drawings
   3. Confirmation of product drawings
   4. Mass production and delivery
   5. Shipment
   6. Arrival confirmation
   7. After-sales service
Production Flow (Metal Type)
   1. Design product drawings
   2. Stamping
   3. Bending
   4. Riveting
   5. Welding
   6. Polishing
   7. Shot blasting
   8. Spray
   9. Assembly
Quality Control Flow (Plastic Type)
   1. Debug normal products and send them for inspection after passing the self-inspection.
   2. After receiving the inspection report, the inspector inspects the appearance, size, adaptability and special requirements of the product in accordance with the inspection specifications.
   3. If the inspection is qualified, notify the production to continue production normally, and carry out inspections according to the prescribed period;

   If the inspection fails, notify production to continue debugging until the first inspection is qualified.
   4. The products that pass the final inspection are packaged and put into storage, and then transferred to production and assembly.

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