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With the rapid development of information and data, optical fiber has entered every household.

In the data link transmission, the fiber optic patch cord is used as a transmission medium to realize the active connection of the optical path. It has low insertion loss, good repeatability, large return loss, good temperature stability, and good inter-plugging performance. 
Fiber optic wall outlet is a user terminal product that implements a Fiber To The Desktop solution with a reasonable internal space design. It is used in the home or work area to complete the access and port output of the dual-core fiber, which can fully meet the requirements of the bending radius of the fiber, and protect the fiber in and out, and provide safe protection for the fiber core. Appropriate curvature radius allows inventory of a small amount of redundant optical fibers, realizing FTTD (Fiber To The Desktop) system applications.
Fiber Optic Wall Outlet
The FTTH information box supports ONU, battery backup, power adapter, fiber adapter and other integrated installation. It can centrally manage telephone lines, network cables, optical patch cords to beautify indoor environment. The functional areas should be relatively concentrated and meet the following requirements:
Fiber Adapter
Optical Patch Cord

   1. Home communication terminal area: It meets the space requirements for the installation of ONUs and other home terminal equipment.
   2. Fiber terminal area: The area that meets the fiber splicing (cold splicing or fusion splicing).
   3. Equipment expansion area: A space for installing various information panels and expansion modules (equipment).
Material: SUS AL SPCC SECC Color: RAL7035 or customer request Protection level: IP55 Rack: 19" or 21" standard installation

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