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Use a simple cleaner to clear the fiber connector ferrule / device / module attachment, sustainable use to ensure the best cleaning effect. It is an essential tool for fiber optic cable maintenance and is widely used in light Network maintainer, contractor or equipment, device manufacturer.

One-Push Cleaner Pen

Super Clean Power
Effective on a variety of contaminates including dust and oils.
Recycle Clean Times Up to 750
Ergonomic, comfortable design with single action cleaning, also serious stain can be cleaned at once.
A Multi-purpose Cleaning Pen
Clean adapter and jumper fiber end face, performance well in both the male and female.
Feature an easy action which quickly and effectively cleans the end-face of connector ferrules on patch cords or through adapters. NEWSUN low cost cleaning tools are a great option to clean your connectors and maximize your network performance at a fast, easy and effective way. Applications include LC, MU 1.25mm ferrules, SC, ST, FC, LSH 2.5mm ferrules,and MPO versions.

Delicate Task Wipers

100% Virgin Wood Fiber
Laser Cutting Edge
Single ply, Light-duty Wiper
Widely used in optical components, precise instrument, Purification, PCB circuit board aviation industry, etc where have high demand for dust-free requirements.

PCB Board

Dust-free Room

Optic Disc Production



Super Clean Power
Effective on a variety of contaminates including dust and oils.
Super Clean Power
Up to 500 cleaning times in total, low cost per cleaning.
Easy One-handed Operation
Narrow design reaches tightly spaced MPO adapters.
The MPO Cleaner is a high-performance device designed for cleaning the ferrule end-faces of MPO & MTP connectors. Cost effective tool for cleaning fiber end-faces without the use of alcohol. It saves time by effectively cleaning all 12 fibers at once. The MPO connector cleaner is designed to clean both exposed jumper ends and connectors in Adapters. 

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