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Fiber Optic Mechanical Splice For Drop Cable

Product name:Fiber Optic Mechanical Splice
Applicable for: φ0.25mm & φ0.90mm Fiber
Insert loss:≤ 0.15dB (1310nm & 1550nm)
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  • NS-L925


NS-L925 Optical Fiber Mechanical Splice

Universal optical mechanical splice is developed for mechanical connection of optical fibers with a diameter of primary protection from 250 μm do 900 μm. It is filled with a special gel with the same refractive index as glass. Mechanical splice allows quick and stable connection of two optical fibers by simply pressing the loping lid without separate installation tool. Newsun tech 's L925 Optical Fiber Mechanical Splicer is a mechanical splice that provides an inexpensive, quick alternative to mating fibers. Using V-groove technology, this splice maintains physical contact between the fibers.We provide a precise, simple and low cost method of mechanically splicing optical fiber. Fiber can be spliced simply in this way in a very short time. It can be used for 900/900µm ,250/250 µm, 250/900 µm fibers.

fiber optic mechanical splice

• Unique Box type crimping technology

• Precision metal alloy components coaxial autocollimator on the core, excellent durable optical performance

• Fiber axial solid fit, reducing the performance degradation caused by the loss of matching fluid

• Intermittent fit connection technology to ensure signal transmission

• Bare fiber, tight-clad and pigtail triple can fully meet environmental requirements for end-customer

• Integrated shell protection, can be long-term used outside

• No need of polishing, epoxy or adhesive

• High rate of success for installation and easy installation, the average connecting time is 150 seconds

• Fiber aligned in v-groove for accurate alignment and low loss

• It is applicable for optical fiber splicing and restoration for damaged lines

fiber mechanical splice

• Fiber-to-the-Subscriber (FTTx) applications

• Telecommunication Network

• Data Communication Network

• Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN)

• Fiber Optic Distribution Frame, Cabinet, OTB, ONU

• Temporary jointing, Emergency repairs, Temporary repairs

• For the splice of cable on the altitude, ground and underground

• Useful for testing the dynamic range

• Reduce the optical power within a fiber optic link

• Useful in very short fiber links

• Low Back Reflection

• Available in Singlemode & Multimode

Fiber optic attenuator is a passive device used to reduce the power level of an optical signal because too much light can overload a fiber optic receiver and degrade the bit error ratio (BER). To achieve the best BER, the light power must be reduced by using fiber optic attenuator. Generally, the optical attenuators are used in single-mode long-haul applications to prevent optical overload at the receiver.

Optical attenuator reduces signal power by absorbing the light, like sunglasses absorb the extra light energy. Or by scattering the light like an air gap. Fiber optic attenuators are commonly used in two scenarios:

  • Attenuators are permanently installed in a fiber optic links to properly match signal levels at transmitter and receiver.

  • In fiber optic power level testing. Attenuators are used to temporarily add a calibrated amount of signal loss in order to test the power level margins in a fiber optic system.

Fiber optic attenuator is an essential passive component in the optical communication system. With the advancement of DWDM technology, as well as the potential to flexibly upgrade the reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM), the demand for optical attenuator is sure to soar, especially for optical variable attenuator. The innovation in fiber optic industry never ceases, and fiber optic attenuator will evolve to have lower cost, faster response time and enhanced integration of hybrid with other optical communication devices.

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