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SC Simplex Duple Plastic Metal PC APC Optical Fiber Adapter with Shutter

Fiber adapter type: SC
Port: Simplex /Duplex
Adapter type: PC,APC,UPC,OM3
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  • SC type


SC Adapter

Fiber optic adapter is also called fiber optic coupler. It is used to provide a cable to cable fiber connection. People sometimes also name them to be mating sleeves and hybrid adaptors. Mating sleeves means this fiber optic adapter is used to connect the same type fiber optic connectors, while hybrid adaptors are the fiber optic cable adaptor types used to connect different kinds of fiber optic connectors. Newsun provide a complete line of adapters for fiber optic connection, like ST, SC, FC, LC, MTRJ, MPO and MU style fiber optic adapters for both multimode and single-mode fiber applications. We also can offer fiber adapter plates for ST-, SC-, MTRJ- or LC-type connections.

Key Features

Free-hanging or panel-mount design.

Dust caps protect against debris and contamination

RoHS Compliant


A cable to cable fiber optic connection

Cable to equipment fiber optic connection



1.CATVTelecommunication networks

2.Test equipment


4.Local Area Networks(LANs)

5.Data processing networks

type ST, SC, FC, LC, MTRJ, MPO and MU style , and hybrid adaptors

material  Copper,plastic,zinc alloy...

 fiber optic adapter

Other types of fiber optic adaptors are available on demand

Newsun tech adopts high quality raw materials and produces the fiber adapter strictly according to international standard, which makes our adapters fully compatible with the products from other manufacturers in the market. The fiber optic adapters are divided into five major groups in Newsun tech, SC, LC, FC, ST and hybrid adapters.

Parts &Material
Dust capPVCFlammability UL94 V-0
Metal ClipStainless Steel

Environment and Mechanical
PropertiesTest conditionConformanceTest result
Vibration10-55Hz, 1.5mm, 60minIEC61300-2-1≤0.2dB
Mating Durability1000 Mating, clean every 25 mating.IEC61300-2-2≤0.2dB
Impact1.5m, 8 dropsIEC61300-2-6≤0.2dB
Strength of Coupling Mechanism40N, 10Min, L=22-28cmIEC61300-2-12≤0.2dB
Temperature Cycling40ºC to +75ºC, 40 cyclesIEC61300-2-22≤0.2dB
Temperature humidty cycling40ºC, 95%, 96HrIEC61300-2-21≤0.2dB
Operating Temperature-40ºC to +85ºC
Storage Temperature-40ºC to +85ºC

Optical Performance
Quality LevelPremium GradeStandard Grade
Insertion Loss≤0.1dB≤0.2dB
Durability1000 times1000 times

SC fiber optic adapters

SC fiber optic adapters with integrated panel retention clips are TIA/EIA-604 FOCIS-3 compliant. Each SC simplex adapter shall connect one SC connector pair in one module space. Each SC duplex adapter shall connect two SC connector pairs in two module spaces. SC adapters and adapter modules shall include phosphor bronze split sleeves for multimode applications or zirconia ceramic split sleeves for singlemode applications.

SC fiber optic adapters can be used with mini-com modules, patch panels, faceplates and surface mount boxes for a complete SC system solution. SC adapters provide  a robust solution for LANs, public networks, storage area networks and fiber-to-the-desk applications. SC adapters can also be mounted in high-density applications within Pre-Terminated MTP Cassettes and Fiber Enclosures, and Fiber Adapter Panels (FAPs) and Enclosures.

Adapters are designed for multimode or singlemode cables. The singlemode adapters offer more precise alignment of the tips of the connectors (ferrules). It is ok to use singlemode adapters to connect multimode cables, but you should not use multimode adapters to connect singlemode cables. This can cause misalignment of the small singlemode fibers and loss of signal strength (attenuation).

When connecting two multimode fibers, you should always make sure they are the same core diameter (50/125 or 62.5/125). A mismatch here will cause attenuation in one direction (where the larger fiber is transmitting light into the smaller fiber). Most adapters are female on both ends, to connect two cables. Some are male-female, which typically plug into a port on a piece of equipment. 

By linking two connectors precisely, fiber optic adapters allow the light sources to be transmitted at most and lower the loss as much as possible. At the same time, fiber optic adapters have the merits of low insertion loss, good interchangeability and reproducibility. Newsun Tech supplies a wide range of mating sleeves and hybrid adapters, including Fiber Loopback Module, Male to Female Fiber Optic Adapter, bare fiber adapter, FC Adapter, ST Adapter, SC Adapter, Quad LC Double deck Optical Adapter, Fiber Optic LC Adapter, and etc.

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