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PLC Fiber Splitter,Slot Box Module1xN, 2xN LC/SC/FC

Product name: PLC Fiber Splitter,Slot Box Module
Connector :SC/LC/FC
Type choice:1x2,1x4,1x8,1x16,1x32,1x64,1x128
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  • Fiber Optic Slot Box Splitter


PLC Fiber Splitter,Slot Box Module are Single Mode Splitters with an even split ratio from one input fiber to multiple output fibers. It is based on planar lightwave circuit technology and provides a low cost light distribution solution with small form factor and high reliability. Newsun tech provides a various of 1×N and 2×N PLC splitters, including 1×2 to 1×64 and 2×2 to 2×64 Mini Plug-in type fiber PLC splitters. They are all with superior optical performance, high stability and high reliability to meet various application requirements. The 1xN, 2xN Mini Plug-in Fiber PLC Splitter supports SC, LC connectors for choice.

Note: 1XN means input is 1, output is N, 2XN means input is 2, output is N.

Technical Specs for PLC Splitter with Connector

Fiber TypeG.657.A
Working Wavelength1260nm~1650nm
Standard Insertion Loss(dB)≤4.2≤7.6≤10.7≤14.0≤17.2≤20.8≤24.0
P-Grade Insertion Loss(dB)≤4.0≤7.4≤10.5≤13.8≤17.0≤20.4≤23.7
Wavelength Dependent Loss(dB)≤0.6≤0.8≤0.8≤1.0≤1.5≤2.0≤2.0
Return Loss(dB)≥50
Operating Temp.Gange-40~+85
Note:The above parameter is for Splitter with connector.If w/o connector,insertion loss will reduce by 0.2dB.
Fiber TypeG.657.A
Working Wavelength1260nm~1650nm
Standard Insertion Loss(dB)≤4.4≤8.0≤11.0≤14.6≤17.8≤21.0≤24.4
P-Grade Insertion Loss(dB)≤4.2≤7.7≤10.8≤14.1≤17.4≤20.7≤24.0
Wavelength Dependent Loss(dB)≤0.8≤1.0≤1.2≤1.5≤1.8≤2.0≤3.0
Return Loss(dB)≥50
Operating Temp.Gange-40~+85
Note:The above parameter is for Splitter with connector.If w/o connector,insertion loss will reduce by 0.2dB.

Fiber Optic Slot Box Splitter Usally mounted in the FTTx box for fiber optic signal distribution, saveing time and space but still providing reliable protection for fiber optic splitter.

slot splitter

Fiber Optic Slot Box Splitter  with standalone structure, clearly fiber input and fiber out entrance, ABS PLC splitter can be used dircectly for splitting using.

fiber splitter

Port Fiber Input Pigtail Input Connector Input Pigtail Output Pigtail Output OutputPigtail
Length Connector Length
PLC 102=1x2 1=G657A 1=250um NE=None 0=0.5m 1=250um NE=None 0=0.5m
104=1x4 2=G652D Bare Fiber SU=SC/UPC 1=1m Bare Fiber SU=SC/UPC 1=1m
108=1x8 SP=Special 2=900um SA=SC/APC 2=1.5m 2=900um SA=SC/APC 2=1.5m
tight buffer LU=LC/UPC 3=2m tight buffer LU=LC/UPC 3=2m
3=900um LA=LC/APC 4=3m 3=900um LA=LC/APC 4=3m
loose tube FU=FC/UPC SP=Special loose tube FU=FC/UPC SP=Special
4=Φ2.0mm FA=FC/APC
4=Φ2.0mm FA=FC/APC
cable SP=Special
cable SP=Special







In general, a optical splitter has many input and output terminals to attain the branch of the light beams and maximize the functionality of optical network circuits. The passive optical splitter can split, or separate, an incident light beam into several light beams at a certain ratio. For instance, if the input fiber optic cable carries 1000 Mbps bandwidth, each user in the end of output fiber cables can use the network with 250 Mbps bandwidth.

The fiber optic splitter is also referred to as optical splitter, which is an integrated waveguide optical power distribution device. It plays an important role in passive optical network (EPON, GPON, BPON, FTTX, FTTH and so on) by allowing a single PON interface to be shared among many subscribers. To achieve this, it is designed to split an incident light beam into two or more light beams and couple the light beams to the branch distribution as an optical fiber tandem device, which has the function to maximize the performance of network circuits.

PLC splitter: Losses are not sensitive to the wavelength, spectral uniformity is higher, it is more compact and is lower cost with greater degrees of splitting.

PLC splitter is based on planar lightwave circuit technology. It composes of three layers: a substrate, a waveguide, and a lid. The waveguide plays a key role in the splittering process which allows for passing specific percentages of light. So the signal can be split equally. In addition, PLC splitters are available in a variety of split ratios, including 1:4, 1:8, 1:16, 1:32, 1:64, etc. They also have several types, such as bare PLC splitter, blockless PLC splitter, fanout PLC splitter, mini plug-in type PLC splitter, etc. Therefore, if high split counts are needed, small package size and low insertion loss are also required, you are suggested to choose PLC splitter rather than FBT splitter. 

- Suitable for multiple operating wavelengths (1260nm - 1650nm).

- Equal splitter ratios for all branches.

- Compact configuration; smaller size; small occupation space.

- Good stability across all ratios.

- High quality; low failure rate.

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