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NS-TB16M1 Fiber Optic 16 Core Water Proof Connector Adapter FTTH Terminal Box

Product name:Water Proof Fiber Optic Box
Max core:16
Size( mm ):216*239*117
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  • NS-TB16M1


Outdoor Fiber Optic Splice Box

NS-TB16M1 can connect the drop cable with feeder cable as the termination point in the Fttx network, which is cable to meet at least 16 users requirements. It can help splicing, splitting, storage and management with suitable space.

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Package Information

 Plastic bag size: 500*410mm

 Inner box with single corrugated size: 275*230*127mm

 Carton with double corrugated size: 475*290*650mm(10PCS/Box)

 Weight per carton:10.5KG

 Waterproof FTTH Mini Fiber Optic Termination Box  

*The body is made of high quality engineering plastic with good strength;

*With safe special-shaped lock, the box can be opened easily and has good water-proof performance, suitable for indoor and outdoor natural environments (Pic#4 for details);

*With water-proof adapter, the box can be operated more conveniently ( Pic#5 for details);

*With double-page design, the box can be installed and maintained easily, 

the fusion and termination are completely separated ( Pic#6 for details);

*The drop leaf can be installed 2 pcs of 1*8 tube splitter ( Pic#7 for details);

Terminal Box

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                     Patent Certificate

Fiber termination box contains the shell, the internals (supporting frame, set fiber disc, fixing device) and optical fiber joint protective element. Prominent advantages of fiber termination box lie in efficient cable-fixing, welding and its protective role in machinery of the optical fiber.

A insulation is always demanded between cable metal components and cable terminal box shell in a fiber termination box, which provides space for cable terminal and remained fiber storage. In addition, fiber termination box also facilitate the installation of different occasions since it is easy to access, which turns out to be time and cost saving.


Fiber termination box is universally used in telephone, agricultural telephone network system, data and image transmission system, CATV cable television series, indoor cable through force access and branch connection. Fiber termination box is available for the distribution and termination connection for various kinds of fiber optic systems, especially suitable for mini-network terminal distribution, in which the optical cables, patch cores or pigtails are connected. In addition to that, fiber termination box can be applied to joint fiber pigtail, protect fiber optic splices and share out the connectivity to individual customers.

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