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288 Cores Outdoor SMC Waterproof Optic Fiber Distribution Cabinet

Product name: 288core SMC Cabinet
Fiber Port:LC,SC,FC,ST
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  • NSC-288MC


288 Cores SMC Outdoor Cabinet  

Fiber optic cross cabinet is used for connecting trunk and distribution optical fiber cable. It carries out the function of splicing, storage and distribution. It is mainly used in the CATV, telecommunication equipment room and network equipment room.

Protection level IP65
Adapter fitST, FC, SC etc.
Static loading-bearing capacity: the cover  >=980N, the side surface >=980N, the door hinge  >=200N
Insulating resistance>=2104M /500V (DC)
Voltage-resistance strength>=3000V(DC), 1 min no puncture,no arc-over .
Environmental Temperature -40℃~+60℃
Relative Humidity<=95%(+40C)
Atmosphere pressure70Kpa~106Kpa
Operating wavelength 1260~1650NM
ConnectorLoss(included repeatability and exchangeability)<=0.50dB
Insertion loss <=0.20dB
Return lossPC>=45.0dB ,UPC>=50.0dB,APC >=60.0dB

288 core SMC outdoor cabinet

smc cabinetsmc cross connect cabinet

cabinets outdoor

Outdoor SMC telecom Fiber Optic Cross Connect ODF Cabinet 

Key feature:

1.With high intensity and anti-erosion performance

2. Capacity can be flexibly customized as required

3.Applicable to strap-shaped and non-strap shaped fibers, and inserting installation of SC, FC, ST (additional flange) adapters

4. Modular design, easy installation and maintenance.

5.Reliable elements for the fixing, splicing and earthing.

6. Rubber furring are used for the connection parts

between the body and the door, thus sound sealing and moisture protection achieved.


1. cross connection cabinet Widely used in FTTH (Fiber To the Home) access network.

2.Telecommunication Networks

3.CATV Networks

4.Data communications Networks

5.Local Area Networks

6.Suitable for Telekom UniFi.

Structure Characteristic:

1.modular design provides the largest flexibility, satisfy the needs of the present and future development

2.the body using the SMC material so it has good corrosion resistance and anti-aging function.the sffect       of defense dewing is excellent.

3. the module tray can spin out of 90 degrees around the axis in the left front, and the bevel of the adapters within the module takes on 30 degrees, the clip-locked installation ensures the bending radius of the fiber directly and prevents the eyes from injury.

4.weld disk can spin out of 90 degrees, and then draw out, so it is convenient for construction, and also convenient to expansion and maintenance.

5. have reliable device for fastness, peeling and grounding of the optical cables

6.insulation resistance betwwen high voltage protection earth and box 20,000M Ω /500V(DC)

7.mechanical durability test: ≥ 1000 times

  • high termination density for maximum space usage;

  • complete fiber protection for signal integrity;

  • easy access to cables and patch cords for faster moves, adds and changes;

  • the ability to support emerging technologies;

  • supports various termination methods for reduced costs;

  • system scalability to support emerging technology;

  • Easy servicing – Pre-cabled ODFs allow fast moves, adds and changes;

  • Increased availability – Cabling can be added or changed without disrupting running systems;

  • Optimal flexibility – Equipment can be connected regardless of its location;

We offer:

1. Customized size available upon request.

2. Pole and pad versions available.

3. Front and back access with locking feature.

4. Provides flexible fiber cable management.

5. Pre-connectorized fiber pigtails installed for rapid deployment.

6. Unique design minimizes fiber routing congestion.

7. Fully Customizable.

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