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SI-01 Longitudinal Cable Slitter for 10~25mm

Product name: Longitudinal Cable Slitter
Part NO.: SI-01
Application: 10~25mm cable
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Longitudinal Cable Slitter

Fiber cable slitter is an efficient and indispensable tool for fiber optic cable termination that can easily slit the PVC and PE cable jacket. With adjustable blade and stationary ratchet, the cable slitter can adjust the cutting depth according to the thickness of the insulating sheath.

SI-10 Sheath Stripper is a tool designed to strip optic cables of sheath with least human efforts. 

Using Wire Clamp together, you can strip sheath from optical cables more easily and quickly than using knives and handsaws. 

It's especially convenient when stripping cables for mid span branching.

Replacing blades fixed at the center of Stripper, you can use this tool permanently. 

 fiber cable slitter


Application of Cable Slitter

Applicable to communication cable, LV cable (PVC insulation), MV cable (PVC insulation) or other round optical cables

1. Wind Wire Clamp tightly on cable before applying it to any fixed objects 

2. Adjust the blades of Stripper into the sheath of cable by turning revolver. Be sure not to damage inner fibers

3. Locate Stripper at the scratch point of cable and hold it with hand tightly 

4. Pull Stripper backward through the cable so that sheath be stripped.  

cable stripper

Professional grade tool ideal for slitting the corrugated copper, steel or aluminum armor layer on Fiber feeder, central tube and stranded loose tube fiber optic and cables. Versatile design allows jacket or shield slitting on non-fiber cables and slitting outer polyethylene jacket and armor in one operation.

Performs longitudinal slitting and circumferential (ringing) for end stripping;

Blade rotates 90 degrees allowing easy mid-span preparation (ringing and slitting);

ACS is adjustable from 0.315 in. (8 mm) to 1.125 in. (28.6 mm) cable O.D.

ACS 2 is adjustable from 0.157 in. (4 mm) to .393 in. (10 mm) for smaller cable O.D.

Adjustable blade depth to 5.5 mm to accommodate different cable jackets.

Cable guide wheel provides cable stability easy tool movement along the cable.

Rugged anodized aluminum and steel construction.

Cable guide wheel for smaller cable sizes can be ordered separately.

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