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NS2-003A Multi-purpose Electric Cable Cleaning Alcohol Wet Wipe Fiber IPA Wipes

Product name: IPA Saturated Wipes
95% pure isopropyl alcohol(Chemical Component)
Tissue size:150*200mm
Sachet Size:60*80mm
packing bag material:Pure aluminum bag
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Pre-saturated wipes for general cleaning applications. This Wipe are a tough non woven engineering wipe impregnated with quick evaporating IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) for the removal of grease, grime and marking inks from all metal surfaces. 

Each Wipe impregnated with sufficient safe chemical for even the toughest engineering task. For Professional & Industrial use only ,Directions open packet & clean surface with the pre-saturated cleaning wipe. 

Do not re-use.

Safe on Plastics

Rapidly Evaporating

Zero Residue


Lint-free Fabric

Product name IPA Saturated Wipes
Part NO:  NS2-003A
Size 4"x 6" Single Foil Pack
Pack 200Pcs/bag
Sachet Size 60*80mm
Chemical Component Chemical Component: 95% pure isopropyl alcohol
PH Neutral
Material Low lint fabric
Evaporation Rate 1.9
Performance Ideal clean for Digital/Electric/optical fiber

lens cleaning wipes

Optics & Fiber Optics , Fiber Optic Connectors

   Digital Printers & Print Heads

   Tape Recorder Heads

   Printed Circuit Boards

   Connectors & Gold Fingers

   Microwave & Telephone Circuitry

   Computers , Photocopiers & Office Equipment

   LCD Panels

   Medical Equipment


   Flux Cleaning & Removal

   Phonograph Recorders , Vinyl LP’s , Cd’s , DVD’s

   Photographic Negatives & Transparencies


   Metal & Composite Surfaces Prior to Painting

Widely used in optical components, precise instrument, Purification, PCB circuit board aviation industry, etc where have high demand for dust-free requirements.

fiber connector cleaning

cell phone clean wipescreen wipe

Clean Wipe are the standard for use alone or with alcohol or solvents.  Clean Wipe provide superior cleaning of fiber optic connector ferrules without risk of scratching.

  • Great for fiber optic connector cleaning

  • 100% virgin fiber

  • Wipe Clean without scratching or leaving any residue

  • Handy, space-saving POP-UP™ dispenser box dispenses wipers one at a time, to reduce waste

  • Extra Low Lint, Anti Static

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