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NS-008 Delicate Task Screen Lens Viscose Disposable Cleaning Low Lint Tissue

Product name:Fiber Optic Low Lint Tissue
pack size is 10*10cm
packing information:100pcs/pack
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NS-008 Cleanroom Wiper is an entangled nonwoven fabric with a 100% viscose composition. This kind of wipe paper is designed for cleaning high temperature process equipment and sensitive electronic equipment in cleanroom environment and is used extensively in the precision optical instrument. It is very soft and scratching-free and does not contain binders and chemical additives.

Item no. NS-008 Test 
Material wood pule tissue(paper)44% / Terylene56%
Size(mm) 100×100±10mm TF1
Thickness(mm)±0.05 0.26±0.05mm TF10
Weight(g/m2) 68.0±3.0g TF6
Absorptivity(%) 560%
Absorb speed(sec) 5.0  YY0331-2002
Rupture strength(N/5cm) MD 180.0  FZ/T60005-1991
CD 50.0  FZ/T60005-1991
Rupture elongation(%) MD 27.5  FZ/T60005-1991
CD 120.0  FZ/T60005-1991
Class class 10000

Attributes LCDIntegrate circuitPrinting circuit boardphotoelectricity 
Character  strong absorb water and clean oil 
Pliability,protect surface  
Prevent mildew,moth,acid&alkali 

low lint tissue

Anti Static Dispensing

Feature a special anti-static dispensing system, which reduces lint and electrostatic discharge. You and your laboratory staff can use them with confidence.

A Cost-effective Clean Wipes With Practical Featuresfiber clean wipefiber cleaning tissue

Widely used in optical components, precise instrument, Purification, PCB circuit board aviation industry, etc where have high demand for dust-free requirements.

Cleanroom Wiper

Clean Wipe are the standard for use alone or with alcohol or solvents.  Clean Wipe provide superior cleaning of fiber optic connector ferrules without risk of scratching.

  • Great for fiber optic connector cleaning

  • 100% virgin fiber

  • Wipe Clean without scratching or leaving any residue

  • Handy, space-saving POP-UP™ dispenser box dispenses wipers one at a time, to reduce waste

  • Extra Low Lint, Anti Static

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