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NS2-010 Fiber Optic Lint-free Foam Buds Clean Swabs (100pcs/Pack)

Product name:Fiber Optic Foam Clean Swabs
NS2-010A for 2.5mm(SC/FC/ST/LSH)
NS2-010B for 1.25mm(LC/MU)
packing information:100pcs/pack
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  • NS2-010

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Fiber Optic Foam Clean Swabs 

NS2-010A for 2.5mm(SC/FC/ST/LSH)

NS2-010B for 1.25mm(LC/MU)

Fiber Optic Lint-free Foam Clean Swabs are ideally suited for cleaning contaminations from all 2.5mm&1.25mm fiber adapters and connecters. The 2.5mm&1.25mm diameter tip is made of polyester and polyurethane and handle material is polypropylene of high quality . Therefore, in spite of low price and easy operation, fiber optic lint-free foam clean swabs have excellent performance in cleaning.

Fiber Clean Foam BudsFiber Clean Swab

Cleanroom Swab is constructed from double-layer polyester cloth that is free from organic contaminants such as silicone, amides or phthalate esters. 

The cloth is thermally bonded to the handle, thus, eliminating the use of contaminating adhesive or coatings. 

Laundered and packed under an ISO Class 4 clean room, the foam exhibits low particulate and ionic content. 

It has excellent compatibility with most common solvents including acetone as well as excellent absorbency and solvent-holding capacity. 

The double-layer polyester fiber head is compressed and possesses good firmness. 

The fiber head is designed for cleaning small, slotted and recessed areas. 

The excellent cleaning is controlled and supported flexible Paddle. 

The swab handle is ESD-safe and is made from polypropylene. 

The handle is compact and will not contribute to particulate or organic contamination. Designed for general purpose cleaning.

Besides used in fiber industry, fiber optic swabs can also be used for cleanliness in other fields such as hard drive manufacture, camera cleaning, laboratory maintenance, and so on.

1. Micro-mechanical cleaning

2. Remove contamination from disk drives

3. Good absorbency

4. Remove flux residue and excess materials

5. For general purpose cleaning

6. Special features:

7. Free from silicone, amide and DOP

8. Low non-volatile residue

9. Low in both particles and ion content

10. Good absorbency

11. Compatible with most common solvents

12. No contaminating adhesive or coatings

Other types of foam sticks are available on demand

fiber cleaning tool

  • Easy to use and efficient

  • Delivers a consistently high level of cleaning performance

  • Easy to clean ferrule end-faces inside the plug-in fiber optic connectors and various adapters

  • Lightweight and safe to use

  • Compact and disposable

  • 2.5mm/1.25mm Cleaning Stick

Cleaning sticks are an easy and efficient means of cleaning fiber optics connectors in adapters and cleaning alignment sleeves. They are available in sizes for most common commercial connectors (ST, SC, FC, LC, MU), military connectors, and LEMO connectors for video applications. When connectors need to be cleaned inside adapters, you can rely on the Newsun Tech stick.

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