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NSFB-01 Mechanical Fiber Optic High Precision Cleaver Cutter

Product name: Mechanical Fiber Optic Cleaver
Part NO.: NSFB-01
Applicable Fiber:Single fiber 0.125 O.D
Cutting length:2.0-20.0mm
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NSFB-01 Mechanical Fiber Optic High Precision Cleaver Cutter 

The cleaver cleaves end of optical fibers,  whose primary and secondary coating have been removed,to specific length approx 2.0-20.0mm. 

The cleaver assures mirror-like end face quality.

Completely remove the primary coating from the optical fiber by using a fiber stripper and clean using a solution (alcohol) before using the cleaver.

Item: Specification:
Applicable Fiber           (mm) Single fiber 0.125  O.D
Fiber Coating Material Acrylate
Coating Diameter          (mm) 0.25 to 0.9       O.D
Dimension               (mm) 124L)×20(W)×40(H)
Weight                   (g) 60
Environmental     Operating  temperature ±0 to 40 C
Storage temperature -20 to 60C
Cutting length             (mm) 2.0-20.0mm

fiber cable cutter

Optical fiber setting

Push Section A that holds the optical fiber to lift the Fiber holding section as shown in Figure 2.Set the Optical fiber whose coating have been removed along the groove for placing the fiber section, and Position the end of the buffer coating just onto the scale marked on the leaf spring,corresponding to Your intended cleaving length.

Optical fiber Fixing

Release section A to fix the fiber on the leaf spring.The leaf spring shall remain horizontal at this time.

After clamping the fiber,place your fingers at the end of the leaf spring and hold the buffered fiber firmly against the leaf spring.While keeping fiber tight,Press A to release torsion that may be on the fiber,Release section A to resecure fiber.

Optical fiber Scoring

With fiber in position,press section B to lightly score the fiber.Remember to lower the blade slowly. This Will allow you to control the force of the blade more Accurately.

Arm release

Release section B and allow the arm to return to its Normal position before proceeding to section 3.5.

Optical fiber cleaving

The optical fiber will be cleaved at the point where The blade scored the optical fiber.To complete theCleave,bend the leaf spring while keeping tension on The fiber.


Keeping the cleaver clean is essential to good cleave performance.Make sure that the leaf spring is in good Condition and is kept clean of any debris that may cause improper cleaving.Also make sure that the blade Is clean and there is no indention in the leaf spring from excessive pressure on the blade during cleaving.

Professional grade tool ideal for slitting the corrugated copper, steel or aluminum armor layer on Fiber feeder, central tube and stranded loose tube fiber optic and cables. Versatile design allows jacket or shield slitting on non-fiber cables and slitting outer polyethylene jacket and armor in one operation.

Performs longitudinal slitting and circumferential (ringing) for end stripping;

Blade rotates 90 degrees allowing easy mid-span preparation (ringing and slitting);

ACS is adjustable from 0.315 in. (8 mm) to 1.125 in. (28.6 mm) cable O.D.

ACS 2 is adjustable from 0.157 in. (4 mm) to .393 in. (10 mm) for smaller cable O.D.

Adjustable blade depth to 5.5 mm to accommodate different cable jackets.

Cable guide wheel provides cable stability easy tool movement along the cable.

Rugged anodized aluminum and steel construction.

Cable guide wheel for smaller cable sizes can be ordered separately.

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Certificate of Conformity

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ISO 9001

ISO 9001



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