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NS2-014 One Click Pen Connector Cleaning Tool Fiber Optic MTP/MPO Cleaner

Product name:MPO Cleaner
Cleaning times:More than 600 times
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The MTP/MPO Cleaner is a high-performance device designed for cleaning the ferrule end-faces of MTP & MPO connectors. Cost effective tool for cleaning fiber end-faces without the use of alcohol. It saves time by effectively cleaning all 8/12/24 fibers at once. The MTP/MPO connector cleaner is designed to clean both exposed jumper ends and connectors in Adapters.

1,Effective on a variety of contaminates including dust and oils.

2,Capable of cleaning ferrules with or without guide pins.

3,Capable of cleaning MPO ferrules inside or outside an MPO adapter.

4,Narrow design reaches tightly spaced MPO adapters.

5,Easy one-handed operation.

6,Up to 600 cleanings.


Many troubles in optical communications equipment are caused by contamination on the optical connector end face. The MPO/MTP connector cleaner, employs microfibers designed specifically for optical connectors to remove even the smallest contamination not visible to the naked eye. Please take advantage of the improvements,you will receive in optical construction working efficiency and in communication services reliability

Capable of cleaning ferrules with or without guide pins.

Capable of cleaning MTP/MPO ferrules inside or outside an MTP/MPO adapter.

Narrow design reaches tightly spaced MPO adapters

As for the structure of cleaner, it can be divided into the cover guide cap, cleaning tip and a body part, Cover guide cap protects cleaner from dust, guide cap is used for connector cleaning, cleaning tip can be extended for adapter cleaning, cleaner body is used for adjusting the position of tip as standard position or extended position.

1,Clean multimode and single-mode(angled) MPO connectors.

2,Clean MPO connectors in adapter.

3,Clean exposed MPO ferrules.

4,Great addition to cleaning kits.

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·  Essential Cleaning Tool for Networking Gear

·  Cleans the MPO inside of an Adapter, Faceplate, or Bulkhead

·  Cleans MT Ferrules With or Without Pins

·  600 Cleanings Per Unit

The MTP (In Bulkhead Cleaner) is the first dry cloth cleaner specifically designed to clean the MTP/MPO while inside of an adapter, face-plate, or bulkhead.  The unique design enables cleaning of either male (with pins) or female (without pins) MT ferrules. 

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