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NS2-001B Optical Fiber Connector Cassette Box Cleaner Tool Fiber Optic Cleaner Reel Suit for Cletop-S

Product name:Fiber Cleaner
Cleaning times:More than 500 times
Connector Type:SC FC ST MU LC MPO
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  • NS2-001B

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Product name Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner
Part NO:  NS2-001B
Ferrule  φ2.5mm   φ1.25mm
Product  dimension 115*79*32mm
Weight 300g
Suitable SC,FC,ST,MU,LC,MPO,MTRJ(w/o pins)
Cleaning Temperature -20 ~50dB(Return Loss)
Material Plastic
Color White
Packing 1 pcs/Box
Clean time 500+ per box

Cletop-S reel

  • Special non-alcohol superfine fiber

  • Well handled and antistatic

  • Friendly using, efficient cleaning

  • Easy to replace the tape,no pollutions

  • Cleaning time 500+

  • Level of cleaning is 100


Applications:SC,FC,ST,MU,LC,MPO,MTRJ(w/o pins)


Cleaning times:500+ per box

Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner for LC/SC/FC/ST/MU/MTP/MPO/D4/DIN Connector (500 cleans)

Part NO: NS2-001B

NS2-001B is an essential accessory to maintain and guarantee good quality of fiber optic connection. It is a high performance non-alcohol cleaner designed specifically to clean fibre end faces of any male fibre connector. Using a superfine textile tape, it easily and efficiently cleans the fibre end face without nicking or scratching the surface or leaving alcohol bloom in order to maintain good quality optical connections. Cassette tapes are available for replacement after 500+ cleaning operations to ensure low cleaning cost.

Fiber optic connector cleaners utilize a specially formulated dry cloth for thorough and efficient cleaning of fiber optic end-faces.

They eliminate the need for hazardous cleaning fluids that can leave a residue.

The cloth is extremely effective in removing grease, dust and other contaminants.

These products offer substantial labor savings over conventional, high volume applications and have been adopted by manufacturers and carriers worldwide.

fiber cleaner

fibre cleaner

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