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Male To Female Fiber Optic Adapter Hybrid Optical Adaptor

Fiber adapter type: LC SC ST FC
Port: Simplex /Duplex
Adapter type: Male to Female adapter/Hybrid Optical Adaptor
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  • Male to Female adapter


Male to Female Fiber Optic Adapter

Hybrid Optical Adaptor is a type of fiber optic adapter, that is used to connect cable to cable or cable to other equipment. This fiber optic adapter fits two different kinds of connectors, so, it is also called hybrid fiber optic adapter. And this adapter is suited for both single-mode and multimode applications. Most of this fiber optic adapter are plastic, but some of them can be metal. Besides it is possible to divide Hybrid fiber optic adapter into different versions of female to male and male to female hybrid fiber optic adapter.

Product nameFemale- male Hybrid Adapter
Withdrawal force (g/f)200~600
Durability<0.10 dB
Typical change1000 matings
Storage Temperature ():-55+85degree
Operating temperature-40 to +80 degree
Type ChooseSC-FC, SC-ST, FC-ST, SC-LC, FC-LC and ST-LC etc

LC Male to ST/SC/FC Female Hybrid Fiber adapter:

LC adapter

SC Male to LC/ST/FC Female Hybrid Fiber adapter:

SC adapterSC fiber adapterSC fiber optic adapter

FC Male to LC/SC/ST Female Hybrid Fiber adapter:

FC adapter

ST Male to FC/LC/SC Female Hybrid Fiber adapter:

ST adapter

Of the many components in optical networking system, fiber optic adapter may be the least conspicuous one, which tends to be ignored by IT mangers and directors. Though it is small, we can still not deny the fact that fiber optic adapter is of vital importance to the whole operating system for optical networks. 

A fiber optic adapter also called fiber optic coupler, is a medium component which is used to terminate the fiber optic cables or fiber optic connectors between two fiber optic lines. They come in versions to connect single fibers together (simplex), two fibers together (duplex), or sometimes four fibers together (quad). Fiber optic adapters are employed in optical distribution frame (ODF), fiber optic communications equipment, measuring appliance and, so on. There are many types of fiber optic adapters, because of the diversity of the connectors, including female to female fiber adapters and female to male type fiber adapters. If a fiber optic adapter fits two different kinds of fiber connectors, it is called hybrid fiber optic adapters, such as LC to SC hybrid adapter.

LC adapters can be used for the connection of LC patch cables or LC connectors. There are different types including LC to LC, LC to FC, LC to SC, LC to ST, and LC to MU, etc. All these adapters can be available in simplex, duplex, quad, single-mode, multimode, UPC, APC, PC with plastic housing, zirconia sleeve, and optional bronze sleeve.

Hybrid adaptors are used for mating 2 different style connectors or assemblies. These adaptors have a female adaptor end united to the back end of a different male connector which can be connected to an additional adaptor or interface of the same type. This can change the assembly end without the need for additional cable, therefore reducing space. Our hybrid adaptors conform to international standards, are quality tested, and are available in singlemode and multimode and come in many different connector-type configurations.


Optical Adaptor are developed to couple and mate two identical or two different (hybrid) connector plugs. The housing of the Adaptors of the last generation has a reference key for the right position coupling and zirconia or phosphorus bronze split sleeve for high alignment.

Newsun Tech could supply standard types of Adaptors, such as SC-FC, SC-ST, FC-ST, SC-LC, FC-LC and ST-LC etc. Hybrid adaptor.

Adapters are designed for multimode or singlemode cables. The singlemode adapters offer more precise alignment of the tips of the connectors (ferrules). It is ok to use singlemode adapters to connect multimode cables, but you should not use multimode adapters to connect singlemode cables. This can cause misalignment of the small singlemode fibers and loss of signal strength (attenuation).

When connecting two multimode fibers, you should always make sure they are the same core diameter (50/125 or 62.5/125). A mismatch here will cause attenuation in one direction (where the larger fiber is transmitting light into the smaller fiber). Most adapters are female on both ends, to connect two cables. Some are male-female, which typically plug into a port on a piece of equipment. 

By linking two connectors precisely, fiber optic adapters allow the light sources to be transmitted at most and lower the loss as much as possible. At the same time, fiber optic adapters have the merits of low insertion loss, good interchangeability and reproducibility. Newsun Tech supplies a wide range of mating sleeves and hybrid adapters, including Fiber Loopback Module, Male to Female Fiber Optic Adapter, bare fiber adapter, FC Adapter, ST Adapter, SC Adapter, Quad LC Double deck Optical Adapter, Fiber Optic LC Adapter, and etc.

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