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NSK-055 Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Cable Construction Tool Kit

Product name: Fiber Optic Cable Construction Tool Kit
Part NO.: NSK-055
Number of tools:26pcs
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Fiber Optic Splicing Cable Construction Tool Kit 

This kit is ideal and utility for optical fiber cable construction. It is widely used in fiber optical fusion splicing/termination work and maintenance for fiber optic telecommunication. It includes all kinds of the most frequent used tools, which cut kevlar and slit jacket, and most of the hand tools are necessary for optical fiber fusion splicing.

fiber optic tool kit

Product name: Optical Fiber Terminal Tool kit NSK-055 PC Place of origin
3M Electrical Tape 1 USA
Measuring Tape(3.5m) 1 Japan
Liuhe one screw pen 1 China
Optical Fiber Cleaning Bar (100 pieces/package) 1 China
Fiber optic sheath tube stripper LY-5021 1 Taiwan
Cable skin stripper 45-162 1 China
Fiber Optic Tweezer 1 China
Mark Pen, 1 China
Precision Art Knife HRTX 1 Japan
Mini LED flashlight 1 China
 Cable stripper LY-25-9 1 Taiwan
Parts storage box 1 China
BottleLeak proof alcohol bottle, 1 China
9PCS Ball-Point Hex Key Set 1 taiwan
Cable Jacket Slitter 4-32mm  1 taiwan
Optical Fiber Thermal Shrinkage Protective Tube  100pcs 1 China
6 inch wrench 1 China
Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutter NB-228 1 Taiwan
Fiber Optic Stripper,HT-04 1 Taiwan
Long Nose Plier(6 '') 1 China
Steel Wire Cutter(6'')HT-G160 1 China
Diagonal Cutting Plier 1 China
OpticalCable Wire-cutter   AC-8 1 Taiwan
Parts storage box 1 China
ABS Heavy Duty Tool Case) 1 China
10MW Red Light Tester for Optical Fiber Broken Wire 1 China

fiber optic cable testerfiber stripping tool

Origin: China

Key Features:

(1)   Fixed position for every hand tools, Convenient to pick up.

Intergrated Tool Kit applies for fiber optic cabling, telecom system

(2)   maintenance,  Cable Cut-Connect Operation

Gather many kinds of brand hand tools, Solve a variety technical

(3)   difficulties for fiber optic cable cutting  / stripping / slitting / cleaning.

(4)   Precision tools ensure success ratio for site operation.

(5)   Upper cover of tool case includes 5 extended bags for cabling parts.

fiber optic cable tools

A fiber optic tool kit contains go to equipment,a must for any professional technician. With the correct product selection in portable cases, the technician can do the job correctly, easily and keep the network running efficiently. Having the right test equipment in your kit saves time and money. It also ensures that the fiber network installation has minimal reflectance for faster speeds. We offer standard ready to go kits or we can custom build a tool kit to your specifications. Whether you are conducting a fiber optic test, installing fiber optic connectors or performing a fiber optic fusion splice, these tool kits will make it easier for the technician to do their job the right way. Rugged portable cases help keep those tools and equipment in order and easy to bring to the work area.

Having the right tools for the job is very important. The right tool can make the difference between the job getting done in 5 minutes, or for the job to take 5 hours. Fiber optic stripping tools, buffer tube removal tools, armor splitting tools, mid span access tools, and drop cable slitting tools are just some of the things you will find here to help you get the job done and done well. Tool kits are a convenient way to keep all your tools in one place. Tool kits can be customized to your specific needs or choose one of the many specialized tool kits available, such as the Fiber Optic Cleaning Tool Bag, Fiber Optic Field Construction Tool Set, Fiber Optic Cleaning Tool Kit, FTTH Fiber Optic Tool Kit, Fiber Optic Outdoor Cable Construction Tool Kit, Fiber Optic Polishing Tool Kit, Fiber Optic Cable Splicing Tool Kit, and Fiber Optic Cable Construction Tool Kit.

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