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A Practical Tool for Cleaning Fiber Optical Connector

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The 5G technology has become a hot topic in the current Internet communication industry. The 5G technology has increasingly affected or changed our lives. When you are enjoying the convenience brought by 5G, do you know what 5G technology depends on to support strong signal transmission? It is an fiber optical that is thinner than the hair. However, as a "susceptible physique", the end face of the fiber optic is easily contaminated during the construction. If it is not cleaned, it will affect the later signal transmission. One-push fiber optical cleaner not only facilitates operation, but also helps you double the efficiency of fiber optical cleaning.

The one-push fiber optical cleaner is favored by many users because of its convenient use. When in use, you only need to insert the fiber optical cleaner into the connector, and then gently push it in. When you hear the sound of "click", pull out the cleaner, and the cleaning work is completed. The principle is to use the artificial driving force to rotate the head of the cleaner to clean the end surface. One-push fiber optical cleaners can be divided into 1.25mm cleaners (for LC / MU) and 2.5mm cleaners (for SC / ST / FC).


The 2.5mm one-push fiber optical cleaner (SC / ST / FC) is mainly used to clean the connector with a ferrule diameter of 2.5mm (SC / ST / FC connector), and the number of cleaning times is more than 800 times. It can clean various contaminants such as oil and dust on the end surface. 1.25mm one-push fiber optical cleaner works as the 2.5mm one-push fiber optical cleaner.


Take the 2.5mm fiber optical cleaner as an example. 

1) Clean the SC / ST / FC connector on the adapter

First, remove the cap on the fiber optical cleaner, insert the tip of the cleaner into the adapter, and push forward when you hear "click" sound, then the cleaning work is completed. 

2) Clean the SC / ST / FC connector on the fiber patch cable

Open the cover of the cap, insert the cleaner into the connector, and push forward when the "click" sound is heard, then the cleaning is completed.


When using the one-push fiber optical cleaner, insert it into the adapter at a vertical angle, do not insert it at an angle to avoid damaging the cleaner tip or ferrule in the adapter. Do not use excessive force when pressing the cleaner.


In the fiber optical communication system, if there is dust or dirt on the end surface of the fiber optical, the optical signal may be cut off, or even it will damage the light source, which will cause incalculable damage to the entire fiber optical communication system. Therefore, the cleanliness of the end face of the fiber optical is very important. There are fiber optical connectors and adapters at the connection point of the fiber optical system. If the traditional cleaning method is used, it will not meet the requirements. Moreover, the traditional cleaning method is very inconvenient for the connectors and adapters on the equipment such as the transfer box and the module box. The one-push fiber optical cleaner can solve these problems well, so have a try.