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3 Common Optical Fiber Tools and Using Methods

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With the rapid development of the Internet of things and 5g technology, the construction and maintenance of optical cable in the intelligent industry is gradually increasing, which promotes the demand of various optical fiber tools to rise. Common optical fiber tools on the market include optical fiber strippers, optical cable cutting shears and so on. And the uses of various tools are also different. How much do you know about them?



Optical Fiber Stripper

Optical fiber stripper is a kind of optical fiber tool used to strip tightly wrapped optical fiber. It is generally used to strip tightly wrapped optical fiber when welding optical fiber. Now there are three kinds of common optical fiber strippers on the market: FTTH optical fiber stripper, three hole optical fiber stripper and CFS-2 optical fiber stripper.


As the name implies, FTTH optical fiber strippers are dedicated to FTTH fiber-to-the-home. They are small in size, light in weight, simple in operation, smooth in cut and easy to carry. The three-hole optical fiber strippers adopt a three-hole segmented stripping design, which can be used without adjustment. It can quickly and accurately strip 2mm to 3mm, 900μm to 250μm and 250μm to 125μm optical fiber without damage. The CFS-2 optical fiber stripper is used to strip the 250μm coating layer of 125μm optical fiber, and the second hole can strip the outer sheath of the pigtail.



Optical Cable Cutters

The optical cable cutting shear is a kind of optical fiber tool used to cut the aramid fiber in the cable. The blade is made of high-carbon steel material, which is sharp and tough. It can easily cut the aramid fiber in the cable. It is generally used in the welding of optical cable. It is used with the optical fiber stripper in three steps. First, use the optical fiber stripper to peel off the outer sheath of the optical fiber. Then remove the stripped outer sheath of the optical fiber. Finally, use the optical cable cutting shear to cut the exposed aramid fiber.



Optical Cable Stripper

The optical cable stripper is an optical fiber tool that can longitudinally cut and surround cutting the round cable with a diameter of 25 mm or more. The optical cable stripper can completely peel off various insulation layers, such as cable outer jacket, optical fiber loose tube, etc. The cutting depth can be adjusted and the cutting depth is up to 5mm. It can also be used for the insulation layer cutting of other round optical cables such as communication cables, low-voltage cables (PVC insulation layers), medium-voltage cables (PVC insulation layers). The specific cutting method is as follows. The operator holds the cable in one hand, presses the optical cable stripper with his thumb, and holds the optical cable stripper handle with the other hand, and cuts in any direction guided by his thumb.


After the above introduction to common optical fiber tools, I believe you have fully understood their role, and more clearly the choice of optical fiber testing tools.