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4 Common Optical Fiber Testing Tools

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Optical fiber affects all aspects of our lives. In the environment of weak current integrated network wiring and communication optical network, in order to meet the demand of high-performance wiring, there are bare fiber, disk fiber, optical fiber fusion and other phenomena. Because optical fiber is relatively fragile compared with copper wire, it is easy to fail. When there is a problem with optical fiber,which fiber optical testing tool can we use to detect the problem of optical fiber?



Optical Power Meter

Optical power meters are used to measure absolute optical power or relative loss of optical power. In optical fiber systems, measuring optical power is the most basic. Much like a multimeter in electronics, the optical power meter is a commonly used meter in fiber measurement. By measuring the absolute power of the transmitter or the optical network, an optical power meter can evaluate the performance of the optical device. Using an optical power meter in combination with the stable light source can measure connection loss, check continuity, and help to evaluate the transmission quality of optical fiber links.



Stable Light Source

The stable light source can emit light of known power and wavelength to the optical system. The stable light source is combined with the optical power meter to measure the optical loss of the optical fiber system. For off-the-shelf fiber optic systems, the transmitter of the system can be used as the stable light source. If the terminal cannot work or there is no terminal, a separate stable light source is required. The wavelength of the stable light source should be as consistent as possible with the wavelength of the system end machine. After the system is installed, it is often necessary to measure the end-to-end loss to determine whether the connection loss meets the design requirements, such as measuring the loss of the connector, the connection point, and the optical fiber.



Optical Multimeter

Optical multimeters are used to measure the optical power loss of optical fiber links. There are two types of optical multimeters.

1. It is composed of an independent optical power meter and a stable light source.

2. The integrated test system that combines an optical power meter and a stable light source.


In a short-range local area network (LAN), technicians can successfully use an economical combination optical multimeter on either end, with a stable light source on one end and an optical power meter on the other end. For long-distance network systems, technicians should equip each end with a complete combination or integrated optical multimeter.



Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

The correlation function between optical fiber loss and distance can be obtained by using optical time domain reflectometer. With the help of OTDR, technicians can see the entire system outline, identify and measure the span, splice point and connector of the optical fiber. Unlike the optical power meter and optical multimeter, the OTDR can measure the optical fiber loss through only one end of the optical fiber. The OTDR trajectory can give the location and size of the system attenuation value.



The use ofoptical fiber tools has become an important method for comprehensive network wiring detection, which can solve many problems encountered by technicians from fiber installation to fiber network troubleshooting.