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Inspection and Cleaning Method of Optical Fiber Patch Cord

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Optical fiber patch cord is to realize the connection between the optical cable terminal and the equipment, and the connection between the ports in the network cabinet. To make the optical fiber patch cord and fiber coupler well connected, the cleanliness of the head face of the optical fiber patch cord is an important factor that directly affects the quality of network communication.


The head face of the optical fiber patch cord refers to the flat section at the head of the connector with different shapes and structures at both heads of the optical fiber jumper. It is a place that is often ignored. And it is easy to be contaminated due to irregular operations. It can be known from the optical principle that this will cause the attenuation of the optical signal to increase and cause a network failure. Let's talk about the inspection method and the cleaning method of the head face of the optical fiber patch cord.


Inspection Method

1. Visual Inspection

Under normal circumstances, the following is the most common way to check the dirt on the head face. After disconnecting the device, pick up the optical fiber patch cord to the light, and check whether the head face is clean and smooth by observing whether the light reflection of the head face is bright. Through observation, if the reflection of the head face light is smooth and bright, it is considered to be relatively clean. If the reflection of the head face light is not too bright and smooth, it is likely that there is dirt or scratches on the head face. The head face will seriously affect the quality of optical transmission. Of course, using the instrument to inspect the head face can more comprehensively understand the details of the head face.


2. Instrument Inspection

At present, there are many inspection tool instruments for fiber head faces, among which fiber microscope is the most widely used professional inspection instrument. In general, the fiber microscope used for multimode can show a magnification of 200 times, while the fiber microscope used for a single mode can show a magnification of 400 times. The more advanced fiber microscope can not only switch freely between the two magnifications, but also display the fiber head face through the LCD screen, so that there is no need to disconnect the device to detect the fiber head face, and it also avoids the risk of eye damage by laser.



Cleaning Method

1. Clean the Head Face Without the Aid of Professional Tools

Without the aid of tools, it is necessary to prepare anhydrous alcohol, cleaning cotton ball and lens paper. The cleaning procedure is as follows.

(1) Hold the clean cotton ball in one hand, and then drop the anhydrous alcohol on the cotton ball. The alcohol should not be dropped too much.

(2) Wipe the head face with a cotton ball with anhydrous alcohol in the same direction, the number of times depheads on the degree of dirt on the head face.

(3) Fold the lens paper for more than 3 layers, and wipe the head face with the lens paper in the same direction until the alcohol is completely dry.

(4) Carefully check the reflection of light on each part of the head face and whether there are fiber debris on the head face. If necessary, repeat the above steps 1 to 3 until the head face is clean.


2. Clean the Head Face with the Help of Professional Tools

These professional products contains optical fiber cleaning tubes, optical fiber cleaning cards, optical fiber solvent pens, optical fiber cotton swabs and other kits, which is very convenient to use. The specific steps are as follows.

(1) Apply a small drop of detergent to the cleaning tool.

(2) Hold the connector in the vertical direction, and wipe the head face from the wet part of the cleaning tool to the dry part.

(3) Check the head face again to make sure it is completely clean. If necessary, reuse a cleaning tool and clean again according to the above steps.

In the cleaning process, the correct cleaning tools and cleaning steps should be used. If the cleaning method is not correct, not only the cleaning effect of the head face is not good, but it may also cause permanent damage to the head face.


In the daily operation and maintenance of the optical path, the operating specifications should be strictly implemented to ensure the cleanliness of the head face of the optical fiber patch cord. If the head face of optical fiber patch cord is contaminated, it should be cleaned according to the standard procedures.