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NSC-01 Fiber Optic Cassette Box Replacement Spare Reels Suit For NTT Optipop Cleaner

Product name:Fiber Cleaner Replacement Spare Reels
Part NO: NSC-01
Fiber cleaner type:NTT Optipop
Clean time:500+ per
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  • NSC-01

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Place of Origin :China 

>Delivers consistently high quality cleaning performance

>Lightweight and safe to use

>Anti-static resin is used

>Compact and light weight design

>Effeicent and easy to use

>Cost effective replacement cleaning tape reels

>Ideal for labs, assembly lines, and field use

Product nameFiber Cleaner Replacement Spare Reels
Part NO: NSC-01
Fiber cleaner typeNtt Optipop
Product  dimension58*16mm
Packing6 pcs/Box
Clean time500+ per box

Fiber Optic Connector cleaner is to maintain and guarantee the quality of the optical fiber connector of the most important and essential accessories with which you can easily and quickly clean all fiber optic connector end face of the adapter, it is the best non-alcoholic cleaning method. It is a suitable optical connector ferrule end face cleaning cleaner, it is easy to use, can replace the cleaning tape, and provide low-cost clean. Applicable connector models: SC, FC, MU, LC, ST, D4, DIN and so on.

Safe and environment friendly: No chemicals and other waste such as alcohol, methanol, cotton tips or lens tissue; Safe to operator and no hazard to environment; No ESD contamination.

User friendly: With few simple steps, ideal cleaning result can be achieved, whether the connector is contaminated by oil or dust. Excellent result: Fast, effective, repeatable cleanings.

Economical: New design for low cost; One unit is good for over 500 cleaning;the cartridge is replaceable; Easy to replace. Wide application areas: It can be used in lab environment. It is also suitable for fiber optic construction, maintenance, and equipment manufacture.

Wide usability: It can be used for SC, FC, ST, D4, LC, DIN and Bionic connectors. Cleaning tape is replaceable, thus reducing the long-term cost. Life time: more than 500 times per reel.

Newsun supply many type fiber optic cleaner reel and replacement.Optipop Cleaner NTT Cletop Cleaner

cletop cleaner

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Certificate of Conformity

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Certification for Sale Transport

ISO 9001

ISO 9001



Patent certificate

                     Patent Certificate

  • Replacement Reel for Connector Cleaner;

  • Cleans Fiber Optic Ferrule Ends and Connector Bulkheads;

  • Removes Dust, Oil, Grime and Moisture;

  • Dissipates Static Charges from Connector Endfaces;

  • Non-Hazardous;

It is a great alternative to alcohol or solvent and wipes. The cartridge offers lint-free, clean room grade cleaning media which effectively removes dirt, dust, oil, grease and debris from connector end faces. A new resilient rubber pad beneath the cleaning surface prevents scratching, and a sliding cover protects the cleaning media from contamination when not in use. This reel refill is easy to install.

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