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960F Optical Distribution Frame

Product name:96F Optical Distribution Frame
Application:FTTH FTTB FTTX Network
Capacity:432 Cores / 576 Cores / 720 Cores
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960F Optical Distribution Frame NS-MODF-960F  

optical distribution frames are designed and manufactured according to the industry standard. It is used for terminating and distributing the main optical cable at the central office, and can easily realize the connection, distribution and scheduling of optical fiber channels. The main functions of ODF include: fixing, stripping and protecting optical cables, terminating optical fibers, scheduling optical fibers, and protecting and storing optical cable cores, pigtails and jumpers. Meanwhile, value-added modules such as optical splitter and wavelength division multiplexer can be installed if required by the customer. They are widely applied in optical fiber communication networks and are applicable to central offices and cross-connecting points in an optical access network.


Structural Features
* Full front operation for optical fiber splicing, distribution and dispatching;
*  Back-to-back installation of frames or installation against wall to save space;
*  Modular design, large capacity, high density, and convenient to expand
* Leading optical cable either from the top or the bottom of frame
*  Fully-enclosed structure, without exposure of fiber patch cord, aesthetic appearance and excellent dust-proof performance.
*  Abundant patch cord and cable management space, convenient for construction and equipment maintenance and management.  


Operating conditions
* Operating temperature: indoor type: -5ºC ~ +40ºC.
* Storage temperature: -25ºC ~ +55ºC.
* Relative humidity: 85% (+30ºC).
*  Atmospheric pressure: 70 kPa ~ 106 kPa

Insulation resistance

Insulation resistance between grounding device and frame > 2x104MΩ


Withstanding voltage:
Withstanding voltage between grounding device and frame no less than 3000V
(DC)/1min, no breakdown, no flying arc.

Fiber Optic Network Cabinet  ODF Optical Distribution Frame Cabinet

Cable fixing and protection function

1) . the metal part of the optical cable is insulated from the frame;

2) Bare fiber protection hose is resistant to extrusion and aging;

3) . the fixation of the optical cable laid in the later stage will not affect the safety of the optical cable laid in the earlier stage;

4) The fixed metal sheath and reinforcing core of the optical cable can be connected to the high-voltage protective grounding device;

5) . lead in and fix the optical cable on the frame to protect the optical cable and the stripped core from damage;

6) . the optical cable introduction, fixation and protection device can firmly and reliably fix the optical cable without looseness and free torsion.

 Fiber regulating function

Through the optical fiber connector plug, it can quickly and conveniently dispatch the fiber core in the optical cable and change the route of the optical transmission system.

3. Fiber termination function

It has an optical fiber termination device to facilitate the connection operation, construction, installation and maintenance of optical cable, core and pigtail. It can fix and protect the joint position straight without displacement, avoid the influence of external force, and ensure that the wound core is not damaged.

4. Optical storage function

There shall be enough space in the rack and unit for storing the remaining optical fiber. The structure shall be easy to maintain and adjust the skipping in the cutover, and easy to remove the abandoned skipping.

5. Mark recording function

The frame and unit shall be equipped with complete identification and recording device, which can easily identify the serial number of fiber core or transmission path sequence, and the recording device shall be easy to modify and replace. The frame door is pasted with a clear color fiber diagram, and the frame is equipped with a marking box. A blank marking card can be placed in the box to facilitate the maintenance personnel to record information.

  1. high termination density for maximum space usage;

  2. complete fiber protection for signal integrity;

  3. easy access to cables and patch cords for faster moves, adds and changes;

  4. the ability to support emerging technologies;

  5. supports various termination methods for reduced costs;

  6. system scalability to support emerging technology;

  7. Easy servicing – Pre-cabled ODFs allow fast moves, adds and changes;

  8. Increased availability – Cabling can be added or changed without disrupting running systems;

  9. Optimal flexibility – Equipment can be connected regardless of its location;

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