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Outdoor DDF ODF 19/21 Inch Assembly Battery Compartment Fiber Optic Distribution Cross Connect Base Station Cabinet

Type:Two cabin outdoor integrated assembly cabinet
heat exchange: 190W/K 48V
Rack: 19" or 21" standard installation
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Two cabin outdoor integrated assembly cabinet

This proposal defines an integrated outdoor assembly cabinet, which is composed of independent equipment cabinet and battery cabinet. The equipment cabin is equipped with 19 / 21 inch standard rack, which can install 19 / 21 inch standard communication main equipment, switch, switching power supply system, ODF unit frame and other equipment. The battery compartment is equipped with a high-strength battery rack, which can place one layer of battery.

Cabinet configuration table

2heat exchange190W/K  48Vpc1Door mounting
3Tec air conditioning200W  48VPC1Door mounting
4Embedded DC power system-48V/200A pc1High efficiency module
5LED light48V/5WPC1
6Access control sensorNormally closedpc1
7Temperature sensor
8Smoke sensor
9Water immersion sensor
10Temperature and humidity sensor

The cabinet adopts the front door opening mode. The front door can operate the embedded switch system power supply, environmental monitoring unit, communication main equipment (BBU), switch, ODF, etc. Open the front of the battery cabinet for wiring operation and maintenance.

The outdoor standardized cabinet adopts frame type assembly structure, which can meet the installation requirements of overall hoisting or on-site assembly of the cabinet. It has many advantages, such as wide application range, free from geographical location and outdoor environment restrictions. It can be easily installed in various places such as roadside, roof, ground, hillside, etc., and can be installed close to the ground or overhead (with overhead installation accessories) 。 The main features of the cabinet include:

The cabinet is assembled by high-strength sheet metal frame and 45mm sandwich plate;

The front door of the cabinet is equipped with a cooling system, the equipment cabin is equipped with a 190W / K heat exchanger, and the battery compartment is equipped with a 200W Tec air conditioner;

The width of equipment cabinet meets the installation requirements of 19 / 21 inch standard frame;

One set of 48V / 200ah battery can be installed in the battery cabinet;


Before and after the site selection, it is better to ensure that there is a 1.5m-long and 1m-long space for people to operate, so as to facilitate the normal construction and maintenance work;

The height of cement base is recommended to be greater than 300 mm, but the specific situation needs to be determined according to the local terrain, historical flood control records and other information;

There is a cement covering layer of more than 200 mm around the cement pier to prevent plant growth.

The PVC pipe shall be embedded, and the cement plane shall be exposed for about 50mm during embedding, so as to ensure the accurate and smooth introduction of cables.

Mechanical structure

The overall outline structure of the cabinet is shown in the figure below


The cabinet is of assembled design and frame structure, which is composed of high-strength sheet metal frame, high-density Pu sandwich board and some sheet metal parts;

The cabinet board adopts high-density Pu sandwich board with thickness of 45m m and color steel plate thickness of 0.5mm, which has good heat preservation and insulation performance, thermal conductivity of no more than 0.022w / (M2 · K); it has good sound absorption and noise reduction performance; its combustion performance shall reach level B specified in GB 8624-2012 classification of combustion performance of building materials and products;

The top cover adopts double-layer heat insulation design, which can effectively prevent condensation in the cabinet;

The cabinet adopts mechanical anti-theft lock, three-point locking, metal lock body and handle;

The cabinet adopts embedded cabinet door with built-in hinges, and the door and frame are sealed with EPDM sealing material;

There are no loose fasteners on the cabinet surface that are exposed and affect their own safety;

The cabinet adopts the bottom incoming line, with three inlet holes on the left and right. The optical cable, cable and feeder are provided with independent inlet holes, and the cable inlet and outlet positions are all rubber rings, which are sealed with sealing putty after construction;

The four corners of the cabinet base are provided with brackets for the installation of eyebolts. The cable can pass through the four eyebolts to lift and transport the cabinet;

Standard 19 / 21 inch (adjustable) rack is set inside the equipment cabinet; one layer of battery can be placed in the battery compartment.

Environmental monitoring system

temperature alarm

When the temperature in the battery compartment exceeds a certain range, the alarm signal will be sent to the monitoring center in the form of switch value.

Through the curve of resistance value changing with relative temperature, the temperature probe is transformed into a linear voltage and output to the monitoring equipment. Operating temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃.

temperature and humidity alarm

When the temperature or humidity in the equipment cabin exceeds the specified range, it shall be able to send out high / low temperature alarm or humidity alarm, and transmit the alarm signal to the monitoring center in the form of switch value.

Function Description: single chip microcomputer is used as the control core to obtain temperature and humidity data from digital temperature and humidity sensor and convert it into standard 4mA ~ 20mA current signal output, with wide measurement range, high accuracy, stable and reliable performance.

Temperature  humidity
The measuring range -20℃~80℃ 0%RH~100%RH
Accuracy ≤±0.3℃(25℃时) ≤±2%RH(25℃,30%RH~80%RH)
Long term stability <0.1℃ /year <1%RH/year
Signal output 4mA-20mA (linear corresponding measurement range)
Power supply 12V~24V  DC
Sampling resistance ≤ 500 Ω (≤ 125 Ω with 12V DC power supply)
Working temperature -20℃~80℃
Anti surge voltage ±2000V
Storage environment - 40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ (non condensing)
Connection mode 4-bit terminals (spacing 5.0 mm)
Shell material PCengineering plastics

  • Technical guarantee of Outdoor cabinet product solution;

  • Achieve compatibility of supporting products in the cabinet;

  • Achieve the stability of supporting products in the cabinet;

  • Strong survivability in the wild;

  • Environmental protection;

What can NewSun Tech offer?

  1. We can achieve integration of supporting products and our products have small size.

  2. We can build stations quickly and shorten the construction cycle.

  3. Our products break the concept of civil engineering room, lower the installation cost and greatly reduce the cost of network construction.

  4. We adopt a sub-chamber design: equipment compartment, battery compartment, which can meet the needs of customers' flexible expansion and long-term evolution.

  5. Our products have less one-time investment, high equipment reliability, flexible configuration, and convenient for customers to manage and maintain the equipment.

  6. Our products adopt refined temperature control by TEC, air conditioning and heat exchange, which can save energy and lower operating costs.

  7. In order to reduce transportation and handling costs, the cabinet can be assembled on site for easy construction. 

With the rapid development of the communication industry, operators have introduced various measures to develop the network vigorously , and put forward the construction ideas for wireless networks about "supplement, improvement, optimization, and improvement" . While strengthening the breadth, depth and quality of coverage of GSM / CDMA networks, operators will focus on building 5G networks.


The direction of construction ideas: the using of main equipment that can greatly simplify the requirements of supporting equipment for network construction can greatly reduce the overall network construction cost, reduce the construction difficulty, and shorten the construction cycle. In this way, a fine network construction method of "wherever you need to build a station, and where you need to build a station, and when you need to build a station" can be adapted to local conditions to create network coverage for cities, villages, transportation lines, and scenic spots.


Newsun tech timely launched "Mobile Communications Hussar One Base Station Outdoor Cabinet". It inherits the storage characteristics of traditional computer rooms, and has the fine temperature control characteristics of outdoor cabinets. It has fewer installation scenarios and can meet the needs of differentiation in different places. End users, operators, and manufacturers can all benefit from it.

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