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Optical Fiber Joint Cleaning Method

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Optical fiber cleaning method

1: Fiber joint cleaning can not use cotton with alcohol is why? 

The cleaning requirements of optical fiber connectors are much higher than those of the camera lens. Cotton or lens paper fiber is thicker, easy to cause the wear of optical fiber connector. Foreign already do not use cotton balls or lens paper fiber joint to clean. The optical fiber testing instrument is to prohibit the use of cotton balls or lens paper fiber joint cleaning. 

2: Why use optical fiber connector cleaner? 

Fiber cleaning cassette for a high content of science and technology of various optical fiber interface clean optical fiber communication transmission network products. The effect can be achieved so that the return loss of optical signals is small to hundreds of thousands or even one millionth. 

Fiber interface cleaner using alcohol free special fiber, has the following advantages: 

Safe and reliable: 

(1) the traditional cleaning method using alcohol and ether with cotton or paper to two lens fouling than the design, structure and material are unique so that each cleaning, achieve the desired results. No adverse effects on the environment and operator. The utility model can effectively prevent the fire caused by alcohol and ethanol. 

(2) easy to use: work without carrying a number of other traditional activities, only need to gently rub the dust and fiber connection interface is clean and grease. 

(3) economic benefits: the use of new design structure, patented product materials, greatly reducing the cost of production. 

Commodity prices only a fraction of the same kind of imported products. Each box cleaning belt can clean more than 500 fiber interface, and the cleaner cleaning belt can be replaced. 

The utility model has the advantages that the utility model can be widely used in the optical experimental research unit, and can be applied to the construction and maintenance of the indoor and outdoor optical fiber communication, and the supporting device of the optical fiber equipment and the parts supplier is provided with 4 parts. 

(4)applicability: can be used as SC, FC, LC, ST, D4, DIN and other types of optical fiber interface. 

3: How to use the optical fiber connector cleaner? 

  • Optical fiber interface cleaner upper pull key open, joint optical fiber connector will be polluted in one cleaning tank slightly. 

  • First after cleaning, in order to ensure the cleaning effect, can put the joint into another cleaning tank cleaning time. 

  • After cleaning, will pull the keys to loosen, pull key will automatically shut down. So repeated use. 

4: Why do we use compressed air dust remover? 

Compressed gas dedusting agent called "gas brush", especially suitable for conventional dedusting methods are difficult to work on occasions, can quickly remove pollutants safety dust, precision electronics, optical instruments on the surface of fiber dust, metal ions etc.. This product is widely used in all kinds of dust optical fiber communication, printed circuit board, electronic instrument, optical instrument, electronic computer, intelligent equipment, communications equipment, audio-visual equipment, medical equipment, cameras, cameras, cameras and other advanced maintenance. This product is flexible dust collection, safe and no damage.