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What Is a FTTH Fiber Optic Termination Box?

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Fiber optic termination boxes, multimedia termination boxes, and termination boxes are specially designed for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), which are compatible with ONU equipment of most equipment manufacturers, such as Huawei, ZTE, and Fiberhome.



Brief introduction of optical fiber termination box

The optical fiber termination box can be divided into basic type and extended type according to the configuration. The extended type can install voice modules, data modules and routers on the function expansion panel, which meet the total integration of household weak current business engineering. It is the direction of the access of multiple weak current services in the future. The cabinet panel can be made of cold-rolled steel or plastic.



Functional characteristics of fiber optic termination box

The fiber optic termination box supports integrated installation of ONU, battery backup, power adapter, fiber optic adapter and so on. Adopt centralized management of telephone lines, network cables, and optical patch cord to beautify the indoor environment. Each functional area should be relatively concentrated and meet the following requirements.

1. Home communication terminal area. The space requirements of ONU and other home terminal equipment installation should be met.

2. Fiber optic terminal area. The area of fiber connection shoule be met.

3. Device expansion area. The installation space of various fiber panels and expansion equipment should be met.

4. Other spare parts. Place tags, power sockets, and other accessories at appropriate positions on the upper part of the chassis door, so that each user can easily identify the chassis number.



Structural parameters of fiber optic termination box

1. The front cover and bottom box of the optical fiber termination box are injection molded with engineering plastics ABS + PC as raw materials, which meet RoHS standards. The thickness of the plastic material should not be less than 1.5mm.

2. The inverted grid structure is compatible with ONT of different sizes and has no shielding effect on WIFI wireless signals. The bottom box adopts a hollow design and a universal backplane to facilitate the installation of fiber optic adapters and other equipment. The special battery and power adapter installation position, fiber optic adapter installation position, disk fiber fusion splicing unit, and dark wiring structure support the entrance and exit of the optical fiber cable in the three directions of left and right.

3. The product adopts modular design. It can be flexibly increased or decreased according to actual needs, which can provide families with high reliability, high performance, neat network, TV, and telephone unified management without repeated construction. According to the special needs of customers, we can also provide products with customized services quickly to fully meet the needs of customers.

4. It adopts high-quality cold-rolled sheet and uses advanced CNC center for processing. Functional modular design and built-in cable management function make the construction simple and convenient.

5. The network cabinet is designed according to China Telecom's requirements for FTTH access, and the optical cable system wiring are divided into regions. The electrical cable and optical cable system wiring are divided into different regions. The functional installation module can be flexibly selected in the cable routing area. The fiber cable routing area has a built-in fiber fusion disk and the ONU mounting bracket, which truly realizes the fiber to the home.


The optical fiber termination box not only brings convenience to people's lives, but also greatly improves the safety of optical fiber use.