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Wall Mounted 8-core Fiber Optical Termination Box

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In order to save space, the fiber optical termination box is generally installed on the wall. Its function is to provide the mutual fusion of fiber optical, fusion of fiber optical and caudal cable, and connection of optical connector. To know more about that, we will introduce the characteristics and classification of the wall mounted 8-core fiber optical termination box in the following.


1. Characteristics of Wall Mounted 8-core Fiber Optical Termination Box

(1) The shell of the fiber optical termination box adopts electrostatic spray molding, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance and convenient use.


(2) It is equipped with the cable fixing device, fusion plate and wire passing ring in the termination box. The welding plate adopts the superposition structure, and the configuration is flexible. So it has the capacity of 96 cores and 144 cores with the ribbon cable.


(3) It can insulate the metal structure of the fiber optical from the shell of the termination box, and it can lead out the grounding function conveniently.


(4) It can also provide enough storage space for fiber optical termination and remaining fiber optical .


(5) The termination box can be customized with special size according to the user's requirements, and the atmospheric pressure is required to be 70Kpa-106Kpa.



2. Classification of Wall Mounted 8-core Fiber Optical Termination Box

Termination box is mainly used in the communication industry. It can be divided into fiber optical termination box and optical cable termination box. According to the connection mode of the optical cable, the optical cable termination box can be divided into directly-passing type and branch type. According to the assembly of the adapter, it can be divided into the adapter assembly type and the adapter non-assembly type. According to the classification of shell materials, it can be divided into plastic shell type and metal shell type. In addition, optical cable termination box is generally suitable for indoor or outdoor not in the open, and it is not suitable for the open-air environment. If it is to be used, protective measures should be taken. The working temperature should meet some requirements. On the one hand, the indoor temperature range is - 5 ℃~40 ℃. On the other hand, the outdoor temperature range is - 20 ℃ ~60 ℃.


The function of fiber optical termination box is to connect two sections of optical cables. The termination box is where the end of the optical cable is connected, and the optical switch is connected through the optical jumper. Therefore, the termination box is usually installed on a rack of 19 inches, which can accommodate a large number of optical cable ends. Moreover, the termination box is to connect the fiber optical with the caudal cable, so as to play a protective role. In practice, the termination box can be used as the indoor connector box, but the connector box is seldom used as the termination box. 



In the meanwhile, after the installation of the fiber optical termination box, we should check it regularly and maintain its good performance. Only in this way can we reap its longer service life.