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How to Clean Optical Fiber End Face?

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With the construction of "optical fiber into the home", "network intelligence", "smart city" and other projects, optical fiber and optical fiber accessories are used more and more, but there will always be some problems in optical fiber construction. These problems seem insignificant, but the loss can not be ignored. Therefore, it is very important to clean the optical fiber end faces and accessories.


In the process of optical fiber inspection, the loss of optical fiber doubles for no reason, and even the optical signal will be interrupted. After inspection, it is found that the invisible particles and dirt are distributed on the end face of the optical fiber. This kind of dirt not only cuts off the signal, but also causes the reflection wave, which will cause different degree of damage to the optical fiber. Data shows that 85% of network connection failures are caused by dirty ports. Therefore, professional optical fiber testing tools and cleaning products should be used to deal with the dirt on the end face of optical fiber.



You need to distinguish whether there is dirt on the end face. First, use the optical fiber end face magnifier, and focus through the hand wheel, then you can easily see the end face. After knowing whether the end face is polluted, cleaning can be carried out. The cleaning of the end face requires the use of professional fiber optic cleaning tools, such as optical fiber end face cleaning paper, optical fiber end face cleaning box, optical fiber connector cleaning pen and so on. Generally speaking, the cleaning paper needs dust-free and lint free wiping cloth materials. Because when they wipe again, the cleaning paper won't be infected with lint, cause secondary pollution.



There are many cleaning forms of optical fiber products, such as optical fiber cleaning pen, optical fiber cleaner, optical fiber cleaning platform, cylinder optical fiber cleaning paper, etc. The optical fiber cleaning pen is known as the killer for the 1.25mm and 2.5mm connector cleaning. It can meet the cleaning of FC, SC, STLC and other interfaces. In addition, optical fiber cleaners adopt cassette design. When cleaning the optical fiber end face, it does not need to be supplemented with alcohol. It only needs to be wiped lightly, and the optical fiber end face can be clean, which is suitable for the multiple optical fiber plugs. The advantage of using high density textile fiber is that it will not shed hair in the process of use and will not generate static electricity. The optical fiber cleaning platform and the optical fiber cleaning paper are indispensable roles optical fiber cleaning end surface series. They are made of dust-free and lint-free wiping cloth material, which can play both wet and dry roles. They are not only suitable for cleaning a variety of optical fiber end face plugs, but also good for wiping bare optical fiber with alcohol. They can also wipe the water spots and dust on the outer surface of the optical fiber instrument.



In the optical fiber construction environment, every link is very important, and optical fiber construction engineers should have good construction habits. For the installation, measurement, detection and use of optical fiber products, all optical fiber cleaning work should be done to reduce the potential risk of construction as much as possible, thereby reducing unnecessary costs.