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Advantages of Optical Fiber Transmission

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About Optical Fiber Transmission

Optical fiber transmission is a kind of communication method using optical waves as the carrier, and it uses fiber optical as a transmission medium to transfer information from one place to another. With the development of fiber optic technology and information technology, optical fiber transmission is rapidly updating, and has become the main transmission method in the world communication.


Nowadays, Optical fiber transmission can meet the requirements of high speed transmission and information processing by accurate, reliable, and large capacity way. We know that the optical fiber transmission is connected with frequency bandwidth of transmission, anti-interference ability, fidelity, weight and so on, which will depend on some fiber optical tools to transmit such as SMC cabinet, and optical distribution frame etc. Then what advantages does optical fiber transmission have? Here we will introduce in details the advantages of optical fiber transmission from the following aspects.


1. High frequency bandwidth

The width of the frequency band represents the size of the signal transmission capacity. The higher the frequency of optical wave carrier is, the better the frequency bandwidth which can be transmitted signals is. In the VHF band, the frequency of carrier is 48.5MHz ~ 300MHz, the bandwidth is around 250MHz, which can only transmit 27 TV sets and dozens of frequency modulation broadcasts. But the frequency of visible ray can reach 100,000 GHz, which is more than one million times than the VHF band. The programs we watch from TV are transmitted from base station cabinet through fiber splitter by fiber optic technology.


2. Strong anti-interference ability

The basic component of the optical fiber is quartz, which only transmits light and cannot conduct electricity, so it is not interfered by the electromagnetic field. Even the optic signals transmitted in it are not interfered by the electromagnetic field as well. Therefore, optical fiber transmission has strong anti-interference ability to electromagnetic interference and industrial interference. That makes the signals safe from network cabinet, and the information from termination box cannot be easily wiretapped.


3. Light weight

The optical fiber transmission has the advantage of light weight, since the optical fiber is very thin. The diameter of the single-mode fiber core is generally 4um to 10um, and the outer diameter is only 125um. The diameter of the optical cable with 4 to 48 fibers is less than 13mm including waterproof layer, ribs and sheath etc, so it is very convenient when installing.


4. High fidelity

Generally the optical fiber transmission need not rely on amplification when working, and it works by fiber optic adapters, fiber optic wall box, patch cord etc, which makes the signals keep high fidelity. As long as the linearity of the laser is good, it can transmit the signals without any distortion. The tests have shown that the index of optical fiber transmission by the optical wave as carrier is much higher than the non-liner distortion index of common cable system.