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What is FTTx Fiber Access?

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FTTx is the abbreviation of "Fiber To The x", which means "optical fiber to x", and is a general term for various optical fiber communication networks, where x represents the destination of optical fiber lines.


Fiber access concept


(FTTx, x = H for home, P for premises, C for curb and N for node or neighborhood, O for office, SA for service area, B for Building) where FTTH refers to fiber to the home and FTTP refers to fiber to the premises , FTTC refers to fiber to roadside / cell, FTTN refers to fiber to node, FTTO refers to fiber to office, and FTTSA refers to fiber to service area.


Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the dream and exploration of the technical direction that people have been pursuing for 20 years. However, due to obstacles such as cost, technology and demand, it has not yet been promoted and developed on a large scale. Because of this, many people of insight regard FTTx (especially fiber-to-the-home, fiber-to-the-resident) as an important turning point in the recovery of the optical communications market. And it is expected that in the next few years, the FTTH network will have greater development.


According to the distance between the fiber and the user, it can be divided into fiber to the cabinet (referred to as FTTCab), fiber to the curb (referred to as FTTC), fiber to the building (referred to as FTTB) and fiber Four service forms including Fiber To The Home (FTTH). US operator Verizon refers to FTTB and FTTH as fiber to the premises (referred to as FTTP). These services can be collectively referred to as FTTx.


Fiber Access Classification




FTTC is currently the most important form of service. It mainly serves users in residential areas. The ONU equipment is placed in the roadside chassis, and the coaxial cable from the ONU is used to transmit CATV signals or twisted pair to transmit telephone and Internet services. The transmission rate of FTTC is 155Mb / s. The interface between FTTC and the exchange office adopts the interface standard V5 established by ITU-T.




There are two types of FTTB according to the service target, one is the user service of the apartment building, and the other is the company line number service of the commercial building. In both cases, the ONU is installed in the basement wiring box of the building, but the ONU of the apartment building is an extension of the FTTC, and the commercial building is for medium and large enterprise units. The main purpose is to increase the transmission rate to provide high-speed data, e-commerce, video conferencing and other broadband services.




As for FTTH, ITU believes that it is FTTH from the optical fiber converter (or media converter MC) at the fiber end to the user's desktop no more than 100 meters. FTTH extends the distance of optical fiber to the end user's home, so that the family can provide a variety of different broadband services, such as VOD, shopping at home, class at home, etc., to provide more business opportunities. If combined with WLAN technology, broadband and mobile will be combined, you can achieve the future vision of broadband digital homes.




FTTP (fiber to the premise) is a North American term. FTTP extends fiber optic cables all the way to homes or businesses. Because optical fiber can provide more bandwidth than the twisted pair or coaxial cable used in the last mile, operators use it to provide voice, video, and data services. FTTP has a speed of 25M to 50Mbps or higher, in contrast, the maximum speed of other types of broadband services is about 5M to 6Mbps. In addition, FTTP also supports full symmetric services.




FTTZ (Fiber To The Zone) refers to fiber to the cell. FTTx technology is mainly used for access network fiberization. It ranges from the central office equipment in the regional telecommunications room to the user terminal equipment. The central office equipment is the optical line terminal, and the user terminal equipment is the optical network unit or optical network terminal.


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