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Rack Type Fiber Optical Termination Box

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Thefiber optical plays an important role in the installation and function of the communication device, and the fiber optical termination box is a must for people who work in fiber optic cabling. Therefore, we will introduce some knowledge about the fiber optical to help you use it better.


1. Installation Requirements of Fiber Optical Termination Box

(1) The installation position, installation mode and height of information module, multi-user fiber optical termination box and assembly point wiring module should meet the design requirements.


(2) When installed in the raised floor or on the ground, the fiber optical should be fixed in the junction box. Additionally, the information panel should be vertical and horizontal, and the cover surface of the junction box should be flush with the ground. Moreover, the cover of the junction box can be opened, so that it has the characteristics of resistance to the water, dust and pressure.


(3) When the bottom box of the fiber optical termination box is installed with information module and power socket at the same time, the spacing and protective measures shall meet the design requirements.


(4) The fixing method of the base of the fiber optical termination box should be determined according to the specific conditions of site construction. It can be installed with expansion screws, and the fixing method of the bottom box of the information module depends on the construction site conditions, too.


(5) The fixing screws should be tightened without looseness. The installation of base, information module and panel should be firm and stable. What is more, the panel should be kept at the same level to make it beautiful and tidy.


(6) The fiber optical termination box installed on the wall should be about 300 mm higher than the ground. When the raised floor is used in the room, the fiber optical termination box should be 300 mm away from the surface of the raised floor.


(7) All socket panels should be marked to indicate the business type of the terminal equipment by color, figure and text.


(8) There should be enough space for the installation of optical fiber connection devices and adapter bottom box of the termination box in the working area.



2. Function Requirements of Fiber Optical Termination Box

(1) It has the functions of introducing, leading out and fixing of the fiber optical, and protection of the performance of the fiber optical.


(2) It has the function of protecting the fiber optical termination from environmental impact.


(3) The termination box has the function of insulating the metal components of the fiber optical and the shell of the fiber optical termination box, andit can be conveniently grounded.


(4) Providing the installation of the fiber optical termination and the storage space of the remaining fiber optical is another important function, and it makes the installation and operation convenient.


(5) The termination box can resist the impact of external environment, and has corresponding installation function in different use occasions.



Besides the installation and function, the maintenance of the fiber optical should be paid attention to as well. In order to make its service life longer, some fiber optic tools can be used.