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Applications of Fiber Optic

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At the beginning of the development of polymer fiber optical, it was only used for the control and decoration of automotive lighting, then it was mainly used in medicine, decoration, automobiles, ships, etc., displaying elements. In terms of communication and image transmission, the application of polymer optical fibers is increasing day by day, and it is used industrially for light guides, display panels, signs, switch-type lighting adjustments, optical sensors, etc.



1. Communication

Fibre optical can be used in communication technology. In September 1979, a 3.3-km 120-channel optical cable communication system was completed in Beijing. A few years later, Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan and other places also laid optical cable lines one after another, using fiber optic for communication.


The optical cable made of multimode optical fiber can be used for communication. It has good conductivity and large transmission capacity. One channel can accommodate dozens of people at the same time. Dozens of TV programs can be transmitted at the same time for free selection.


The communication using optical fiber is called optical fiber communication. A pair of metal telephone lines can only transmit more than 1,000 telephones at the same time, and according to theoretical calculations, a pair of spider-like optical fibers can simultaneously communicate 10 billion telephones! It takes about 500 tons of copper to lay 1,000 kilometers of coaxial cable, and it only takes a few kilograms of quartz to switch to optical fiber communication. The sand contains quartz, which is almost inexhaustible.



2. Medical Applications

Fiber optic endoscopes can be introduced into the heart and ventricles to measure the blood pressure in the heart, the saturation of oxygen in the blood, and body temperature. Laser scalpels connected with optical fibers have been used clinically and can be used as a light-sensitive method for cancer treatment.


In addition, using optical fiber endoscopes can help doctors check the stomach, esophagus, duodenum and other diseases. Optical fiber gastroscope is a hose composed of thousands of glass fibers. It has the ability to transmit light and images. It is also flexible and can be bent at will. It can be inserted into the stomach through the esophagus. The optical fiber transmits the image in the stomach, and the doctor can see the situation in the stomach, and then diagnose and treat according to the situation.



3. Sensor

Optical fiber can send sunlight to every corner, and it can also be machined. Computers, robots, automobile switchboards, etc. have also successfully used optical fibers to transmit light sources or images. If combined with sensitive components or using its own characteristics, it can be made into various sensors to measure pressure, flow, temperature, displacement, gloss and color. It is also widely used in energy transmission and information transmission.



4. Arts

Due to the good physical properties of optical fibers, fiber optic lighting and LED lighting have increasingly become the use of artistic decoration. The application is as follows:

 The name of the shop (standard setting) and LOGO are made of halo lighting with thick fiber.

 The local outline of the door head is illuminated with a side fiber of Φ18 (Φ14).

 A fiber optic three-dimensional mirror is used locally on the facade.

 Arrange fiber optic ground lamps on the lawn.

 Optical fiber waterfall, optical fiber three-dimensional ball and other artistic shapes.

 Advertisement display.

 Optical fiber can also be used as a display of various visual arts.

 Optical fiber becomes an ornament: using the light-emitting characteristics of fiber optic, it can be made into various colors of fluorescent fiber, gypsophila fiber vase, it can be used for gift party or the interior decoration.