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Structures and Characteristics of Optical Fiber Patch Cord

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The Structure of Optical Fiber Patch Cord


The optical fiber patch cord is also called optical fiber connector or optical fiber patch cable, which means both ends of optical fiber cable are equipped with connector plugs in order to connect the activity of the optical path. And one end of the optical fiber cable is installed the plug, which is called the tail fiber in fiber optic technology. It is often placed in the optical fiber terminal box. Optical fiber patch cord has not mesh shield which is similar to coaxial cable. In the center of optical fiber patch cord is glass core of optical propagation.


Optical fiber patch cord can be divided into common single-mode and multimode fiber according to the difference of the structure. The distance of single-mode fiber transmission is longer than that of multimode fiber. Generally single-mode fiber is shown yellow in color, and the connector and protective sleeve are blue. And multimode fiber is usually shown orange in color, and some are indicated in grey, the connector and protective sleeves are beige or black, the distance of its transmission is comparatively short. In order to work well, different structure will match different tools, such as network cabinet, SMC cabinet, fiber optical wall boxetc. 


According to the structure of the connector, optical fiber patch cord can be divided into many kinds, such as FC patch cord, SC patch cord, ST patch cord, LC patch cord, miniature unit patch cord, MTRJ patch cord, MPO patch cord, MU patch cord, SMA patch cord, FDDI patch cord, E2000 patch cord, DIN4 patch cord, D4 patch cord and so on.


2. The Characteristics of Optical Fiber Patch Cord


The optical fiber patch cord has the characteristics of low insertion loss, good repeatability, large return loss, good inter-insertion property, good temperature stability and strong tensile property, which make it popular.


Every kind of optical fiber patch cord has its matching tools. They work with different fiber optic tools including optical distribution frame, fiber splice enclosure, fiber optic wall box and base station cabinet etc. The optical fiber patch cord that people often use has FC-FC, FC-SC, FC-LC, FC-ST, SC-SC, SC-ST and so on. When installing, people must pay more attention to find suitable fiber optic tools to use it. You had better to read the manual carefully before installation, and install with the help of manufacture or guidance of the professionals.


When using optical fiber patch cord, please be sure to use protective sleeves to protect the fiber optic connector to avoid dust or oil which will damage the cable. Once finding thefiber optic connector is dirty, please clean it with cotton swab with alcohol, otherwise it will influence the communication quality.