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How to Use the Fusion Splicer?

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With the time goes by, the fiber optical will be damaged or corroded by some environmental factors. In this situation, we need some fiber optical tools to repair it, such as the fusion splicer. To make good use of the fusion splicer, its use methods should be learned.


1. First of all, we should strip the fiber optical and fix it on the fiber rack. The common optical cables are layer stranded, skeleton and central bundle tube. Different optical cables should be stripped by different methods. After stripping, the fiber optical must be fixed on the fiber rack.


2. The stripped fiber optical should pass through the heat shrinkable tube respectively. The optical cables with different bundles and colors should be separated and pass through the heat shrinkable tubes respectively.


3. After turning on the power of the fusion splicer, we need to choose the appropriate welding method. We should choose the appropriate fusion mode according to different fiber optical types. In addition, the latest fiber optical fusion machine has the function of automatic identification of the fiber optical, which can automatically identify various types of optical cables.


4. The next step is to prepare the fiber optical port. The quality of fiber optical port fabrication will directly affect the quality of the fusion, so the qualified port must be prepared before the fusion. After peeling off the coating layer with a special stripping tool, we can wipe it with clean linen or cotton dipped with alcohol for several times. We should also use a precision fiber cutter to cut the fiber optical. For the optical cable with the outer coating of 0.25mm, the cutting length is 8mm-16mm. For the optical cable with the outer coating of 0.9mm, the cutting length can only be 16mm.


5. Next, we need to place the fiber optical. Placing the fiber optical in the V-groove of the fusion splicer is the first step, and we should carefully press on the pressing plate and clamp of the fiber optical. Moreover, we can set the position of the optical cable in the pressing plate according to its cutting length, and put it into the wind shield correctly.


6. Connecting the fiber optical is a very important step. When the connection button is pressed, the fiber will move in phase. During the movement, there will be a short discharge on the clean fiber surface. When the gap between the fiber optical ports is appropriate, the fusion splicer will stop working. After setting the initial gap, the fusion splicer can measure and display the cutting angle. Then the fusion splicer will reduce the gap, and the electric arc generated by high-voltage discharge will melt the left fiber optical into the right fiber optical. Finally, the microprocessor can calculate the loss and display the value on the screen.  


7. Then we need to take out the fiber optical and reinforce the fiber fusion joint with the heater. We should open the windscreen and take out the optical cable from the fusion splicer. After that, we should move the heat shrinkable tube to the position of the welding joint and put it into the heater for heating. During the operation, it is forbidden to touch the ceramic part of the heat shrinkable tube due to the high temperature.


8. Fiber reeling and fixation is the last step. We should reel the finished fiber optical to the fiber storage rack and fix the rack and fiber optical termination box.