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How to Maintain the Fiber Optical Splicer?

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The fiber optical splicer is mainly used for the construction and maintenance of the optical cables in the optical communication. It has a variety of applications, including maintenance and repair of the fiber optical, experiment and production of the optical device, research on the fiber optical communication, etc. In order to learn more about this machine, we will share the classification and maintenance of the fiber optical splicer in the following.


1. Classification of the Fiber Optical Splicer

Ordinaryfiber optical welding machine generally refers to single core fiber optical splicer. In addition, there are also the ribbon fiber optical splicer for fusing the ribbon fiber optical, the leather fiber optical splicer for fusing the leather optical cable and jumper, and the polarization maintaining fiber optical splicer for fusing the polarization maintaining fiber optical and so on.


According to the different alignment methods, the fiber optical splicer can be divided into two categories. One is the cladding alignment, the other is the core alignment. The cladding alignment is mainly suitable for the occasions where the requirements are not high, such as the fiber optical entering the home, so the price is relatively lower. The core alignment fiber optical splicer is equipped with the precise six-motor core alignment mechanism, specially-designed optical lens and software algorithm, which can accurately identify the fiber optical type and automatically select the fusion mode matching with it. However, owing to its high quality and technology, the price is relatively higher.



2. Maintenance of the Fiber Optical Splicer

The consumable material of the fiber optical splicer is the discharge electrode. In general, the electrode needs to be replaced after 4000 times of discharge. First, we need to remove the protective cover of the electrode chamber and loosen the screw used for fixing the upper electrode, so as to remove the upper electrode. After loosening the screw of fixing the lower electrode, we can take out the lower electrode as well.


The installation sequence of the new electrode is opposite to that of the dis-assembly. The range of the gap between the two electrode tips is required to be 2.6±0.2mm and it should be symmetrical with the fiber optical. Generally speaking, the electrode does not need to be adjusted. In addition, we can not touch the tip of the electrode during the replacement in order to prevent it from being damaged, and avoid the electrode falling inside the machine. After changing the electrodes, we have to calibrate the electric arc position or regrind it. However, if the length of the fiber optical changes, the corresponding welding parameters also need to be modified.


In short, the fiber optical splicer plays an important role in repairing and maintaining of the fiber optical, which is the critical step to keep the quality, appearance and performance of the fiber optical. In the meanwhile, all kinds of optical cables provide various applications for our daily life. Therefore, to keep the functions of the fiber optical, we have no alternative but to use fiber optical tools to maintain it.