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Common Problems of the Fiber Optical Splicer(2)

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It is inevitable to appear some problems in the use of the fiber optical splicer. In order to solve these problems, we can access to information on the Internet or consult professionals. And I have collected some common problems and their solutions, expecting to help you to some extent.


1. The fiber optical can be reset normally, but the screen of the fiber optical splicer will be dimmed when the gap is set. Additionally, there is no fiber image on the screen, and the prompt of setting the gap is displayed. In this case, we should check whether the windscreen is in place and the spring plate is in good contact.


2. When setting the gap, the fiber optical appears on the screen of the fiber optical splicer but stops moving. In order to solve this problem, we should try to press on the reset button to reset the system first. Then we can open the windscreen and check it in order. The inspection includes the integrity of the fiber optical, the cutting length and the matching degree with the groove.

3. The gap setting shows the prompt of setting gap at the beginning. After a period of time, the screen of the fiber optical splicer displays the prompt that the port of the left fiber optical is unqualified. In this case, we can use our eyes to observe the fiber optical image on the screen. If the port quality of the left fiber optical is really poor, we can make the port of the fiber optical again and try again. If the port quality is good, it may be caused by the small port angle and we only need to increase the angle value.


4. The fiber optical can be reset normally, but the discharge time is too long during the automatic connection. This phenomenon is caused by the lack of the effective setting of discharge parameters. We can enter the discharge parameter menu to check whether the effective discharge parameters are set. In the discharge experiment, the position of fiber optical gap is inclined to one side of the screen of the fiber optical splicer. This is due to the adjustment of the current and arc position during the discharge experiment. When the sediment on the electrode surface makes the arc asymmetric, it will cause the arc position shift. In this case, we can enter the maintenance menu to clean the electrode for several times.


5. When the fiber optical of multiple modality is connected, there are always bubbles in the discharge process. This is mainly due to the large refractive index of the fiber optical core. The specific process includes two aspects. On the one hand, we should take the discharge program of the factory set as the template, and make the value of the discharge program less than five. On the other hand, the discharge experiment should be tried for many times until the prompt of proper discharge current appears for three times.


Simply put, when we meet these problems, we should calm down and try to solve them. Obviously, the fiber optical splicer is very important for the maintenance of the fiber optical, so we had better learn the relevant knowledge.