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Common Fiber Connectors

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The optical fiber connector connects the two optical fibers permanently or detachably, and has a connection part of the protection component. The optical fiber connector is the end device of the optical fiber. 


Optical fiber interface is a physical interface used to connect optical fiber cables. FC is the abbreviation of Ferrule Connector. The external reinforcement method is to use a metal sleeve, and the fastening method is a screw. The ST interface is usually used for 10Base-F, and the SC interface is usually used for 100Base-FX.


Common fiber connectors


FC connector

FC is one of the most common connected devices in single-mode networks. It also uses 2.5 mm ferrules, but some of the early FC connectors were designed with ceramics embedded in stainless steel ferrules. FC has been replaced by SC and LC connectors in most applications. FC is the abbreviation of Ferrule Connector, which indicates that the external reinforcement is a metal sleeve, and the fastening method is a screw buckle. Circular threaded joints are metal joints, which can be plugged and unplugged more times than plastics. Generally speaking, this kind of connector is used in telecommunication networks, and a nut is screwed onto the adapter. The advantages of FC are reliable and dust-proof. The disadvantage is that the installation time is slightly longer.


SC connector

SC also has a 2.5 mm ferrule, unlike ST / FC. It is a plug-in device that is widely used because of its excellent performance. It is a TIA-568-A standardized connector, but it was not widely used at the beginning due to its high price (twice the price of ST). The shell is rectangular, and the structural dimensions of the pin and coupling sleeve are exactly the same as the FC type. Among them, the end face of the pin mostly adopts PC or APC abrasive polishing method, and the fastening method is a plug-and-pin latch type that does not require rotation. The advantages of SC connectors are standard square connectors, which are directly pluggable and easy to use. It uses engineering plastics, which are resistant to high temperatures and not easily oxidized. The disadvantage is that the connector is easy to fall out.


ST connector

ST is perhaps the most common connection device in multimode networks (such as most buildings or campus networks). It has a bayonet mount and a 2.5 mm long cylindrical ceramic (common) or polymer ferrule to hold the entire fiber. The ST connector shell is round and the fixing method is screw buckle. The disadvantage is that after the connector is inserted, a bayonet is fixed for half a rotation and it is easy to break.


Introduction of various fiber interface types


FC: This is a round type with threads (most used on distribution frames).

ST: This is a snap-on round type.

SC: This is a snap-on square type (most used on routers and switches).

PC: It is microsphere polishing.

APC: It has an 8-degree angle and is polished with micro-spheres.

MT-RJ: It is a square type with one dual fiber transceiver.

Fiber optic modules: generally support hot swapping.

The optical interfaces used by GBIC (Giga Bitrate Interface Converter) are mostly SC or ST type.

The optical fiber used in the SFP small package GBIC is LC type.


How to Identify the Different Type Connector? 

In the label indicating the pigtail connector, we often see "FC / PC", "SC / PC", etc., whose meanings are as follows:


The front part of "/" indicates the connector model of pigtail, such as FC and SC. Behind "/" indicates the cross-sectional process of the optical fiber connector, that is, the grinding method. For example, "PC" microspheres are polished and polished, and the joint section is flat.


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