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What Is a Fiber Splice Enclosure?

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The fiber splice enclosure connects two or more optical cables together, and has a connection part of the protection component. The optical cable connector box is must-have in the construction of the optical cable line project, which is one of the very important equipment. The quality of the fiber splice enclosure directly affects the quality and the service life of the optical cable line.



Brief introduction of fiber splice enclosure

The fiber splice enclosure belongs to a mechanical pressure sealed joint system, which is a continuous protection device that provides optic, sealing and mechanical strength continuity between adjacent optical cables.  It is mainly connected in the overhead, pipeline, direct buried and other laying methods suitable for various structural optical cables.


The fiber splice enclosure body adopts imported reinforced plastic, which has high strength and corrosion resistance. The termination box is suitable for the connection in the terminal room of the structural optical cable, because it has the characteristics of mature structure, reliable sealing and convenient construction. The termination box is widely used in communications, network systems, CATV, optical cable network systems, etc. The fiber splice enclosure is used for the protective connection and optical fiber distribution between two or more optical cables, which is one of the commonly used equipment for user access points. It mainly completes the outdoor connection of the distribution optical cable and the indoor optical cable. Besides, it can install a box or simple optical splitter according to the FTTX access requirements.


Characteristics of fiber splice enclosure

The fiber splice enclosure is made of high-quality engineering plastics. Besides, fiber splice enclosure adopts secondary cable pressing technology to ensure that there is no additional attenuation of the optical fiber in the box. And fiber splice enclosure has multiplexing and expansion functions.



Classification for fiber splice enclosure connector

1. According to the shape and structure, it can be divided into two types: cap type optical cable connector box and horizontal type optical cable connector box.

2. According to the laying method of fiber optical, there are overhead, pipeline and direct buried types.

3. According to the fiber optical connection, it is divided into two types: straight-through connection and divergent connection.

4. According to the sealing method, there are heat shrinkable seal type and mechanical seal type.



General requirements for fiber splice enclosure

1. It has the performance about restoring the integrity of the cable jacket and the mechanical continuity of the cable reinforcement member.

2. It provides the function of electrical connection, grounding or disconnection of metal components in the fiber optic.

3. It has the performance of protecting the optical fiber connector from the environment.

4. It provides the function of placing optical fiber connectors and storing the remaining optical fibers. When necessary, the optical cable splice box should also have termite-proof performance.



Performance requirements of fiber splice enclosure

After the optical fiber connector is protected by the connector box, it can be protected from moisture. And the following requirements should also be met.


Optical performance

During the installation and operation of the fiber splice enclosure, the optical fiber connector should have no significant additional attenuation.


Sealing performance

After the fiber splice enclosure is packaged according to the prescribed operation procedure, the inflation pressure in the fiber splice enclosure is (100 ± 5) kPa. Besides, the fiber splice enclosure is soak in a clean water container at normal temperature for 15 minutes, there no bubbles should escape.


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