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MTP vs MPO Cable: What Are the Differences?

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The MTP / MPO series is a kind of highly innovative products, which make optical fiber transmission enter a new era. The MTP / MPO series are ideal products for a variety of applications such as backbone networks and fiber distribution in buildings. For example, a MTP / MPO connector can achieve 12-core transmission on an optical cable. With the MTP / MPO series of products, users can use a fiber optic cable with 12 cores to connect the backbone to each branch. The use of this multi-core technology greatly saves wiring time, and the installation is fast and accurate.



The difference between MTP and MPO fiber

1. MPO cable is a kind of MT series connector. There are two different standards for MPO cables, the international standard IEC-61754-7 and the American standard TIA-604-5 (FOCIS5). MTP is a brand of MPO optical fiber connector produced and registered by US Conec. The multi-core connector parts and ferrules produced by US Conec are called MTP connectors. The outer frame sleeve parts of the MTP fiber optic connector can be easily removed. However, MPO optical fiber connectors have many manufacturers and have different brands.

2. MTP and MPO optical fiber connectors are in line with international standards IEC-61754-7 and American standard TIA-604-5 (FOCIS5). Interchangeability is considered in structural design. Even if the appearance is different, the MTP and MPO connectors can be interconnected in use. But you should note that they must be paired and used.

3. MTP and MPO fiber optic adapters are common, and the appearance of the two adapters is different.


Application of MTP and MPO fiber

Data Center SAN (Storage Area Network)

MTP / MPO high-density wiring has been widely used in data centers. For example, it can support thousands of switch ports. Therefore, a single network cabinet must maintain a large number of optical interconnects and patch cord. In today's world where data is very expensive, the data center needs more space-saving use and is easy to reconfigure. MTP / MPO high-density wiring is very suitable for meeting these infrastructure requirements.


Colocation data center

Customers and new services in colocation data centers have high requirements for network scalability and flexibility, and ultra-high-density MTP / MPO cabling systems are highly favored by host retreat data centers because of their advantages of high flexibility and easy expansion.


Enterprise Network / Campus Network

Ultra-high density MTP / MPO fiber distribution boxes are also widely used in enterprise networks or campus networks. One of its highlights is plug and play. Installation is quick and easy, and no professional fiber knowledge is required. Traditional splicing and installation techniques can also be applied. There are various types of fiber patch cord, panel strips, splice boxes, etc.


Telecom Center Office

At present, many large telecom center offices have removed their existing infrastructure and used MPO / MTP to transfer MPO / MTP fiber distribution boxes to transmit large-scale network line data. They found MPO / MTP patch cord and fiber optic adapter modules have become an essential infrastructure in backbone networks.


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