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How to Use Fiber Patch Panel for Better Cable Management?

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Fiber patch panel is the wiring connection equipment between optical cable and optical communication equipment or between optical communication equipment.



1. Introduction

The fiber distribution frame is utilized for the termination and distribution of the local side backbone optical cable in the optical fiber communication system, which can easily realize the connection, distribution and dispatch of the optical fiber lines. Fiber distribution frame is a cost-effective and easy-to-use modern data center cabling solution.



2. Function

The functions of the optical distribution frame are as follows, fixed protection function of the optical cable, termination function of the optical fiber, adjustment function, core protection function of the optical cable, identification and recording function and optical fiber storage function.



3. Classification

(1) Unit Type

The unit type fiber distribution frame is to install multiple units on one frame, and each unit is an independent fiber distribution frame. This kind of distribution frame provides space utilization, but it also has inherent limitations in space provision, so it is inconvenient to operate and use.


(2) Drawer Type

The drawer type optical fiber distribution frame divides a frame into multiple units, and each unit consists of one or two drawers. Each unit does not affect each other. This method also provides a large space for the operation of optical cable terminal, but it still can not provide the greatest convenience in the storage and distribution of optical cable. This kind of frame is the most popular form at present.


(3) Modular

Modular structure is to divide the fiber distribution frame into a variety of functional modules, and each functional operation is completed in each module. These modules can be combined and installed in a common frame according to the requirements. This structure can provide maximum flexibility and meet the requirements of communication network. It is the most popular, but relatively expensive.



4. Method of Selection of Fiber Distribution Frame

(1) on the Wall or on 19 " frame?

The fiber distribution frame is usually installed in a 19 " frame, and it may also be directly installed on the wall for small ones.


(2) Is There Any Space Left for Laying Optical Cables?

A certain amount of optical cables shall be reserved to prevent the optical fiber from being pulled apart in the distribution frame, to withstand excessive stress, and to prevent the optical fiber from being pulled out of the distribution frame.


(3) Is There a Protective Device?

Optical fiber protection device shall be set inside the optical fiber distribution frame.


(4) Generality

Different couplers should be universal on the distribution frame as much as possible, which will greatly improve the availability of products. For example, ST fiber distribution frame can be suitable for ST and FC fiber adapters.


(5) Is the Structure Flexible?

This feature is still to improve the availability of products. According to the structure, fiber distribution frame can be divided into three types, namely wall mounted, cabinet type and rack-mount type. The wall mounted type is generally a box structure, which is suitable for places with small number of optical cables and optical fiber cores. Cabinet type is a closed structure with fixed core capacity and beautiful appearance. The rack-mount type is generally modular design. Users can select the corresponding modules according to the number and specification of optical cables, and flexibly assemble them on the frame. It is a future oriented structure.


Fiber distribution frame plays an important role in the management of telecommunication network. With it, managers will be able to repair, replace and install faster and more efficiently.